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I figured I would ask here as this addon affects this game in a large manner and shapes the WoW community of Dungeoning.

I have a question for the users of and the developers of (Like who am i kidding they probably do not even play the game and it,s probably a tool to try to fish for money from donations but hey i,ll try)

Say for example :

Lets say a player who completes a 10 Waycrest Manor in time with the affixes of Tyrannical, Teeming , Volcanic and Infested.

Does this also indicate that they are competent enough to complete a 10 or that their team was, If so how is this reflected in the points they are awarded?

Why are io points not reset weekly as a player,s skill for each affix could be different because just because a player was good at clearing trash efficiently this does not mean that they are good at killing explosive orbs or moving out of sanguine, etc... (Maybe you could add an upload for logs of "number of orbs killed", Seconds of Sanguine sustained, Did they eat food when possible when pulling inbetween trash with 5 stacks of Grievous??

Also does different affixes award a different number of points? Or are points only awarded based on time and completion / failure of a dungeon?

Are certain classes awarded extra points based upon their utility and / or viability of their class within M+ ?

If this data is being used to discriminate against some of the player base then it would be nice to know it it accurate other than a vague indication of "Yes he completed a 10 and we awarded him 100 points for it"
The points are only a part of your profile, which I'm sure you have noticed.

Your page shows all your ranked runs, including the affixes, so a more fussy group leader might look at 2 people's profiles, and see that one has only completed a + 10 with easy affixes, and take the other one, who has completed it with what he deemds to be more challenging affixes.

RIO is much more than just points, it depends on the group leader whether he wants to consider that additional information or not.
Maybe it could also check whether player is well rested and hydrated, their keyboard/mouse is functioning correctly and whether they actually played classic or just pretend they did.

You can add bunch of useless or minimally useful information but 95% of information can be gathered from how many timed runs at what difficulty player actually has done.

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