lack of ships and Zeppelins

ok why do we have portals now in stead of Ships and Zeppelins , ah the sea air that feeling of flying the views, portals are so boring! to hell with the quickness of it some of us like to experience the idea of travelling not just zap here and there its so much more fun waiting for the ship or the zeppelin, love the flight between the Two horde cities or even the rocket way but for an alliance orientated player pls bring back our ships if you want portals hire a mage its good for the economy i want to sail to the new lands not disappear through a portal it looses some magic of the journey its to easy lol
I think this thread belongs to the General discussions rather than the RP Side.
Anyhow, the portals are there now because 1. Teldrassil was absolutely destroyed in the current content. So having a ship sail there AND Kul'tiras from the same doc would be a bit confusing. Not only to the low lvl players but also to the old players.

Since the 110+ lvl players will be automatically teleported to Darkshore after the burning of Teldrassil, where would the ship arrive? Same with Exodar. Where would the ship arrive to the 110+ lvl players? Can you have 2 ships from one place to same place with slightly different locations? (Darksore, Teldrassil).
This also applies to the Horde side as also Undercity is in ruins. Not the outside of it however, so having the Zeppelins flying from Orcgrimmar to Undercity would be still viable. But I guess it all has a lot to do with Zoning, since these 2 particular zones look different to the playerbase based on what part of the content they are doing currently.

I hope that clears out some things.
maybe a boat from Stomwind to the broken isles or the kul tires also there could be a boat to the exoda from Stormwind, it just seemed a shame to me that we lost so may journey's wasn't sure under which topic to put this :)
A boat to Broken isles... Where exactly would that land? Dalaran is flying, Jaina wasn't there to summon a gigantic boat to float on the air when Legion was current content and you probably wouldn't want people of lvl 100 to be pushed straight into the Broken shore where they'd have to figure out a way to get into dalaran anyways before the Hearthstone.
Not to mention that Dalaran is quite all about magics so a Portal to there seems to me completely Logical.

However, with Exodar I'd second on an idea for a boat from stormwind to Exodar... but then again, Teldrassil is Burning and unless the ship wants to completely go around the longer end of the Kalimdor just to get to Exodar..... And how would players from Exodar get to Darnassus and Darkshore on lower levels if not Portals witout going through Stormwind first?

Don't get me wrong, I completely aggree that there should be more options to use transportation like Ships and Zeppelins. Just maybe to completely new locations however. I'm quite pleased with the Boat system that's in Kul'tiras. I prefer it over flying when I'm heading to Drustvar or staying near Boralus.
Wish they implomented it deeper into the areas.
There actually is a ship between Zandalar and the Echo Isles.
02/11/2018 17:11Posted by Ronaeriel
There actually is a ship between Zandalar and the Echo Isles.

Worth to mention there's also ship between Stormwind and Kul'tiras

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