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This is just a thread discussing what I've heard about whether or not and how much gear matters in PvP and how it might be possible to work out precisely how much enhancements matter in PvP. If you know the answer to this already, please share.


I've been thinking a bit about what I've heard about whether or not and how much gear matters in PvP and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, I watched a video in which the author comments on tests people have made on this by getting someone into a group and then using a given damage ability. Both players report the number they see on their screen. The numbers are not the same and the lower the ilvl of the character on the receiving end of the damage, the lower the damage, so clearly there is some scaling of gear in PvP (or more likely scaling of damage).

Now the author of the video goes on to say that it isn't that gear doesn't matter, but that it doesn't matter as much as it does in PvE. The reasons it matters at all, he says are

1. The stats of the gear itself are not actually changed (it's the damage that is changed) and so enhancements are not scaled down. As such, higher ilvl gear will have better enhancements and so a player with higher ilvl will have greater damage potential. For example, a player that uses Crit will have higher Crit and so their abilities will Crit more often, thus increasing dps;

2. A player who stacks Azerite traits will have the benefit of these traits and so this also means gear matters in PvP in that a player with stacked traits will be able to do more dps than a player who doesn't, all else being equal;

3. Healing is not affected by the ilvl of the recipient and so gear matters way more for healers than for dps.

Now one thought about this is how this affects the stats page in a bg. If the dmg done depends on the ilvl of the player attacked then, theoretically at least, the reason that players A's dmg is less than player B's could be, at least in part, due to the fact that, on average, they may have been attacking players with lower ilvl gear. This is not that important to me, but I thought I'd mention it. On average though, I think one would expect the ilvl of players attacked to be fairly similar for all players, so I think this is a minor point.

More importantly I was thinking about how to find out more about how damage scales in PvP. If the author of the above video is correct, then it seems straight forward to establish how much crit matters in PvP. Let's compare players with 40 and 35% crit. Suppose players do 100k damage before crit is applied. Then they do 135k and 140k in total. Thus the 2nd player does 140/135 = 28/27 times the damage of the first, so they do 1/27 = roughly 3.7% more damage.

Now what about Haste? Correct me if I'm wrong, but a player with 5% more Haste will do dmg 5% quicker and therefore do 5% more dmg. Fairly easy.

What about Versa though? This just increases damage, but we have seen that damage is scaled down, so the question we need to answer is whether or not this scaling is applied before or after the Versa increase is applied. It might be possible to check this by testing with players again (ideally with players who have all stats the same apart from Versa, but even if they don't, it might be possible to work it out by first calculating the supposed effect of other enhancements and then deducing the affect of Versa from the numbers observed and calculations for the other enhancements).

Mastery should be similar to Versa.

Now there may be complications, i.e. Crit may increase the dmg of Fire mages more than other class/specs and I'm not saying I will try and perform these tests, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. of course Blizzard could just clarify how all this works, which would be nice.

Anyway, feel free to comment and discuss.
Im not sure what is going on but i kept testing 2 different sets of gear in PvP with broken results.
One set is with equipped high ilvl gear with optimal stats, 358ilvl/ 122k hp.
The other one is with equipped low ilvl gear + gem slots with optimal stats, 306ilvl/ 97k hp.
Now here comes the fun part. Im doing slithly more damage or at least the same amount and taking less damage in PvP combat or instances with the lower ilvl setup as opposed to the higher ilvl setup.
I would just want to know what the actual f*** is going on as we got no official info on how this s*** system works.
Also versatility and mastery seem to work but they add so little to the damage its not worth it, at least for me (feral).
I feel like stacking haste>crit in PvP is the way to go right now just because you get the most benefit from those 2 secondary stats, faster gcd, more energy regeneration, more crits.
Just like you said, it would be awesome if Blizzard would just clarify how the hell is this system working.
Here is another proof of how retarded the damage scaling in PvP actually is.

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