[A] <Tactical Retreat> LF for new members!

Hey everyone!

We are Tactical Retreat, a new guild, looking for new members. We are mostly looking for people to strengthen our raiding team, we currently raid normal on one day and try to progress heroic on 2 other days. Socials are welcome too.

Currently we're progressing HC and have reached 4/8. We are mostly looking for fun and try to get curve. Our mentality is in between casual and semi-hardcore, since we want to progress we aim to be serious in raid fights, but chat casually in between. We're also not looking for the absolute top of players, but would like to see everyone improve over time and if someone needs help doing so we're always willing to help!

Raid Days
Wednesday Heroic part 1 (ilvl 355+)
Friday Heroic Part 2 (ilvl 355+)
Monday Normal (Ilvl 340+)

Voice Chat
For voice chat we use Discord. You can also chat with your guildies and find announcements when you're not online in the game.

At the moment we mostly need healers and (ranged) DPS for the raid team.

Joining us?
Are you interested in joining us? Then either put a post down here and we can contact eachother or see if I'm online in the game and /w me. You can also add me on discord: MysticalZelda#1345
We're still looking :)
We're currently at 5/8 and mostly also are looking for a lock, and maybe a DK. Healers are also welcome :).
We're still looking for new members!

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