Do you even warcraft

08/11/2018 08:18Posted by Aradina
Jumping through portals has literally become an obsessive thought for me. I've been doing it for so long that if I don't, I'll feel uneasy for the rest of the day.
Also, I have stood in campfires so. Many. Times. xD

I wish they'd bring back the old portals that you'd not need to click them to go through - was a thing in raids like in Molten Core to put up a portal to thunderbluff where people would just accidently run into and fly back again or a friendly warlock would have to go into summoning duty.
6. Selling quest rewards at a safe distance from quest givers, because maybe you lose reputation if they see you don't want the reward...?

7. Wondering how you make a necklace show.

8. Thinking you get the Rallying cry of the Dragonslayer buff if you own a dragon pet.
Ah... the good old fishing pole... a warsong gulch without a fishing pole in hand isnt a true warsong gulch.
08/11/2018 09:32Posted by Redoctober
- If you play a melee class, your rotation is:
generic big damage ability 1; spacebar; generic big damage ability 2; press "move left" and "move right" keys in rapid succession + spacebar; if proc, use proc; continue; spacebar; filler ability; spacebar + left and right keys in rapid succession.
I have seen way too many people dance left and right on mythrax and g'huun in melee, I am usually a calm person but people who do that on those two fights, where distance to other players is so important makes me want to have the power to strangle people through my screen <.<.
Wtf I like mayonanise!!

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