Expanding Sets tab in Appearances menu

I like playing content through dungeons, raids and some lightweight PvP and they're source of armor appearances for personal transmog collection. While browsing available Sets in Appearances window, we can only find sets which are only available from PvP, raids and events like Legion pre-expansion.

Would it be great to have Sets tab updated with checklist on transmog sets you could obtain from other sources like dungeons, questing and profession?
i agree with you, but the problem is that, it only shows the oficial "sets" for the class.

it doesnt show the recolors from dung or other raids etc.
for ex: in ICC you can farm the warrior/dk/paladin set for any plate user, same as rogue/druid set (look a alike) for leather users.

many more raids have those. but non of those show up on the tabs.

we even have achievs for completing a "set" for X raid etc. they should had all those sets to the tab.

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