Best dungeon in the game

13/11/2018 16:27Posted by Jalisco
"Old" Karazhan was a ten man raid. It was great, but it was technically a raid.

Upper Blackrock Spire for me, with honorable mentioned wailing cavern and sunken temple.

UBRS was a 10 man raid as well.
Blackrock Depths. If you get a nice random pug where everyone is game for playing it through, between one and two hours of good fun will happen. I really like Vanilla dungeons in general.
Magtheridon`s lair. It was my very first raid and the simultaneous clicking of cubes felt amazing.
Stormstout Brewery

coz drunk monkeys.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
- indoor but a huge cavern
- 6 good boss fights
- Arthas once crawled through the place
- fancy buildings
- doable trash
The Shattered Halls in HC
pre cata DM, god I miss it.

Zul Farrak, them 2 swords were great for duel wielding

BRD, nuff said.
The Violet Hold

dont @ me.
Maraudon dunno why, Blacrock depths(still love when group decides to go full dungeon instead of cut part), Deadmines(old one, cos new one suck balls with this idiotic doggo in the end)
Original BRD
I love the Stormstout Brewery.

You can just tell the people who designed it had alot of fun doing so (and were most likely high as hell).

Its super fun to play through, it has a unique feel to it, and it has a monkey dance Party...

Plus who doesnt like free beer!
I like the design and atmosphere of some old Wotlk dungeons like Utgarde Pinnacle, The Nexus and Halls of Reflection.
I actually liked old Wailing caverns - will always have soft spot for it.

I liked the grand tournamet one I remeber that with guild I had quite some nice memories spending there.

Stormstout brevery was fun - in fact I liked all of Pandia dungeons except the "rebooted" classical ones.

Legion ones were meh. and from the newest one Atal'Dazar is fast and nice and I liked King's rest for challenge. But gotta say that I liked most of bfa dungs. Shrine of storms is imo crappy.
Blackrock depths.

Wish it could be queued for as a whole with lfg.
A lot of votes for karazhan, but didn't that have the most stupid chess game in the middle of it?

I loved the 3 5 mans at the end of Cata. Big points for zul farak and forge of souls.
Enjoyed all classic dungeon a lot bcoz of single difficulty.
TBC one also fun.
Wrath one bring good old memories(my fav)
Cata prenerf dungeon.
MoP was fun.
WoD 2nd dungeon in which we have kill gronn with iron star.
Legion and BFA m+ kinda ruined normal and hc pugs - don't even like to visit there.
I loved MgT, it was tough, but fun. Deadmines for the starter dungeon hands down, Azjul Nerub in WotLK.
I actually really really enjoyed the WoD Auchindoun, it was simple, short and fairly action packed. The only real competitor for me would be ToC from the WoTLK days, the mounted part was a bit cheesy but I really enjoyed the whole tournament style of both the dungeon and the raid. Honorable mention goes to the pre-cata troll dungeons(Sunken Temple, Zul'farrak).

13/11/2018 16:49Posted by Pointybeard
UBRS was a 10 man raid as well.

WoD UBRS was a 5 man so I'm pretty sure he meant that. :)
I guess I should have included my favourite. Blackrock Depths. The dungeon works on so many levels. From the outset its a challenge even to find the entrance. Plus getting in use to be a puzzle as was the locked gates. I once ventured all the way through as a rogue and had a hoot an a half. Great times I have to say. If you listen hard you can still hear the cries of the inmates. That was a quest all the way from Ironforge ... those were the days.
Original Deadmines for the Goonies feel. Karazhan for wackiness and original Dire Maul for everything it brought that wasn't just mash buttons.

Recently I like Waycrest Manor.

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