Best dungeon in the game

14/11/2018 13:09Posted by Gratna
That was the best run i ever had and that memory wil Stay with me forever.
That's exactly how Dungeons are supposed to be run... not some 2s sprint...
anything that isn't black morass..honestly..PLEASE remove it from TW and add something else..:s
14/11/2018 07:52Posted by Сшва
New karazhan. So many cool mechanics, stylish, nostalgic and fun at the same time.I spent like 5 hours in kara at the first day of 7.1 and only killed 4 bosses. But it was so much fun

Yea, first time I did it, we had to pull an all nighter to finish it. My god what a feeling that was to finish it finally, and just the overall joy in playing this instance.
I really hope Mechagon will be similar.

14/11/2018 12:03Posted by Hinamori
Legion dungeons, except seat. I was playing so many mythic+ with my friends and i actually miss them now.

This. Dunno exactly what's wrong with BFA dungeons (I don't find them bad) but Legion ones were so much funner, I spammed the !@#$ out of them. Would be so rad if they could implement some older dungeons to current m+ seasons.
1. "The Doctor is in!"

2. "What is this? You must forgive me, but I was not expecting company. As you can see, we are somewhat preoccupied right now. But no matter. As I am a gracious host, I will tend to you... personally."

3. "Tell me.... Tell me everything!"
Vanilla BRD was awesome.
I also liked Uldaman, mainly for the last boss fight, which was pretty original at the time.
Scarlet Monastery, Magister's terrace and most of all COURT OF STARS !
I actually love The Nexus :x it’s so PRETTY
Classic had the best dungeons for me and many favourites but if I had to choose it would be Scholo and LBRS both for solo farming reasons.
14/11/2018 21:10Posted by Henoriel
Scarlet Monastery, Magister's terrace and most of all COURT OF STARS !

The books.. those books in the Library. I had to get them for my mage quest. I was so new in those days I was even asking a Horde guy outside to help me. I just kept shouting at him ' are you even listening to me '. Also in those days we assembled outside the dungeon to group up. Scarlet Monastery was always, always busy.

Scholomance was also a real pig for getting the books for Well Read. That was before they made it way easier and I think even moved the books.

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