Belore Fortuna ( Pirate rp ( actively recruiting))

Argent Dawn
Belore Fortuna (no not four tuna) actively recruiting

We are a pirate guild, active on horde side.
Sailing the sea's in search for ships to wreck and plunder, islands to explore, villages to raid..
Or just to empty bars of their rum stock.

Having no god but gold The Belore Fortuna sails the seas freely with no mayor faction telling them what to do, only bound to the pirate code and the union of pirates.

Captian - GM -
First mate - second in command 
quartermaster - 3th on command
Sailing master - highest rank -
Captain's guard - by gaining the captains utmost trust
Crewmember - gained after proving yourself, 
Swab - starting rank 
Variable ranks if requested - docter - cook - engineer etc..-

Our events will include sea combat, island exploring/conquering, fighting anyone who is unlucky enough to become our target
and social time in booty bay, ratchet etc

actively recruiting at the moment, come meet us next time we stop by in booty bay or find our recruiters in any mayor city

Âimee – Feydrine – Thierryl- or anyone online can give you an invite
Yurm here! Just to say these guys are a good bunch! I've had the pleasure of RPing with a handful of them and I found changing Rik's view on Alliance races fairly amusing :D
If you're interested in pirate RP, this'll be a good option to consider and join!
Belore, for tuna!
Can't go wrong with pirates! Good luck!

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