Leveling changes in 8.1

15/11/2018 11:07Posted by Sindweller
15/11/2018 11:03Posted by Leinadh
How can you not like scaling?

You know scaling wouldn't be a bad thing if they did it like in Guild Wars 2.
YOU scale to the zone and NOT the zone to you. I'm pretty sure that would solve a lot of the problems.

Why I don't like scaling? Because I don't like hitting trainings dummys for X hours.

This. This is good. If I could +1 repeatedly I would.
15/11/2018 11:03Posted by Leinadh
How can you not like scaling? Serious question. How can you find it appealing having to move to another zone because after completing 5 quests you've already surpassed the level range and cannot continue levelling?

Serious answer: When I first heard of scaling I saw only the advantages, the ones you point to. But trying it out for real was just plain awful, except for the dungeons that I really love.

There is no real rewarding feeling of being stronger, not even when you hit 120. Not until you grinded gear good enough in lvl 120.

I've completed some zones for Loremaster, and what I've felt is the longer you stay in a zone the harder it gets. Just the opposite of how it should be, imo. And we should get a big reward if you complete, a carrot, not something pointless that doesn't make any difference.

Now I'm at the Legion start and all is easy again, not at all like it was when I lvled there when Legion was current content.

Netherstorm was undoable at lvl 79 because of the 5 man group quests at the end, I did some but not all were soloable no matter how hard I tried and what tricks I used. I couldn't find anyone willing to help me out going all that way into nowhere and not a soul around on this low pop realm. I had to go back after lvl 80 ding and complete, easily done but not a good feeling.

Any gear you get during lvling is just added stats, might as well be heirlooms in every slot and all gear rewards removed, only money. No, not seriously but you might get my point.
Nerf in xp in 8.1 is mistake. they shoud only buff heirlooms so its choice to get faster xp. i mean what about people who love leveling slowly.
I don't want the xp buff tbh, id much rather they overhaul the quests for the entire game and add in some of the newer feature like world quests to old content. And while there at it bring Silvermoon and Exodar to the Azeroth map where they belong.
15/11/2018 11:33Posted by Valorfall
Nerf in xp in 8.1 is mistake. they shoud only buff heirlooms so its choice to get faster xp. i mean what about people who love leveling slowly.

What about new players then? And without heirlooms it's slow enough.
15/11/2018 11:43Posted by Skyrha
What about new players then?

Implying there are any.
Any new player gets a free lv110 boosts anyway, so he doesn't need to level at all if he/she doesn't feel like. If they do level, they can and should take it slower - its not as if they are leveling for the 50# time.

The problem is still that the leveling process is stale and mostly braindead. nothing there (aside maybe some outland 5men quests that they forgot to nerf to single player as they did with all others...) will really teach abilities he/she will need in the endgame.
Talk about unravelling the ravelling. Has taken this long for the developers to admit they made a mistake with Cata. And sadly since then we have had nothing more than a dreadful diluting of the game and reducing of overall content. None of the expansions since Wrath have been any good and they have been steadily going down the drain ever since. With Classic we will finally get back to how levelling should be. Hopefully they will unravel TBC and Lich and let us eventually play those expansions the way they were originally designed.

As for the rest I couldn't care less. I would be happy for the game to split in two so modern players can have Cata thro to BfA and level just those. And then for the rest of us we get to play Classic, TBC and Lich King with a possible future expansion following that line with say the return of Arthas.

Having played the original games and still to this day declining playing Cata, Panda, WoD, Legion and BfA but still enjoying what scraps I can from the old content, all I can say is Classic cannot come quick enough. And views of the OP just reinforce my general view that the game has two player communities. Those that want to play the proper game of World of Warcraft and those that like the current game format. Sadly stuff like scaling, looms , transmog etc just sicken me to the core and don't interest me. Will be glad to finally get shot of them with Classic. Fingers crossed we get back TBC and Lich and so all this later stuff can be junked in the garbage, for me.

So yay to having a new format for levelling. Just split the thing in two so I can forget the later expansions and never have to put up with them again.

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