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As some players have noticed, we’ve been adding invasion-style events featuring new types of creatures to Island Expeditions every week. Aside from adding a little variety, these also give you a chance to earn different cosmetic rewards.

Here's a schedule for the remaining events which will be added each week over the next couple of months:
  • Week of October 10: Water Elementals
  • Week of October 17: Air Elementals
  • Week of October 24: Black Dragons
  • Week of October 31: Tol’vir
  • Week of November 7: Twilight Dragons
  • Week of November 14: Old Gods
”these also give you a chance to earn different cosmetic rewards.”

Is there something that isn’t random in this expansion? Damn slot machine simulator.
I have tried killing rares, tried doing all the mini quests, killed the horde, explored the islands, there is no way of obtaining pets/mounts/weapons etc other than through the god of ring.
Why don't you fix the god awful loot system in island expeditions instead of adding layers upon layers of rng?

Theres like 319 different drops that I know of, all of which can't be targeted in any good way whatsoever.

If I want the parrot mount I have to kill pirate npc's and rares, which only spawns on specific islands and on rare occassions invasions. And if that wasn't rng enough the drop rate of said cosmetics is ridiculously low and you can get duplicates of items you already have.

As a collector that strive to fill out my collections of mounts, toys, pets and appearances I really have to ask, why do you feel the need to add unenjoyable grinds that can't be completed?

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