[A] 3/8M Pink Shorties Recruiting DPS

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
Hello !
We are currently recruiting 2 core members to our mythic progression team. We are currently only 3/8 mythic with potential to be 5/8 quite soon I believe!

Our raid days are wednesdays + Sundays - 19-23 server time. + bonus raids if enough interest.
What I'm looking for is a nice & friendly player who shows some dedication & goodwill!
Hit me up in-game for a chat if you wish to be a part of us killing some mythic bosses!
add me on Ljungqvist#2618
Still looking for 1-2 DPS.
Recruiting 1 healer
Vectis 20%
Please check out my topic to see if we suit what you need :)
Alright, I had a look, you guys are a good fit for us, I see you are underperforming on the logs in uldir, but I guess it's not written in stone. I'm happy to give you guys a trial if you want to!
Add me at Ljungqvist#2618
Vectis is dead, fetid going down soon! Need DPS!

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