Should Greeks be allowed to play Warrior ?

I have been friends with a greek man for around 1 year and a half over the times I have raided with him on a mythic level he has changed from being a mage main, to a DK main before finally picking up the sword and maining his warrior.

Throughout Antorus he picked up several rank 1 parses in normal and heroic but in mythic hit a wall where he could only get 99's but no 100's on warcraft logs it is due to this that the man kept running normal an heroic every week for titanforging just so he could maybe just maybe get the chance to be able to get a mythic rank one warrior kill.

As time went on he never saw that cream colored number on his mythic log page, to this day he has never picked it up even in BFA he hasnt been the same since those days always playing other games and being on/off wow blaming he has studies and other games to do rather then play wow. I truly think not getting a rank one parse ruined is frame of mind leading to a late quit in BFA he won't speak to me anymore.
Honestly, I find many Greek men that play arms warrior. It seems to be the thing that middle aged Greek men default to in this game. I remember being in a past guild with many Greek man, they would often meet up, have a coffee, brush each others hair and talk arms warrior strats, talent builds, interesting stuff!

I think Greek men should have the option to play more than just arms warrior, i notice that your Greek friend also played a mage and death knight, this is VERY rare, and you should speak to your friend about this, it is very uncharacteristic for Greeks to play things other than arms warrior, they have enough to worry about with their economy, never mind the feeling of NOT pressing execute whilst standing in the fire.
I am Greek and I play warrior only in BFA.
May I ask what is the meaning of the thread cause I didn’t find anything to your comment?
It like... an attempt at a troll... except nobody really gets the joke it's so niche
I thought Greeks only played rogue...
Can confirm I am a Greek man playing warrior with a mage and DK alts.
I think all Greeks play monk cause like all ww monks they claimed to be the victims of everyone.
I found this humorous.

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