Faction-exclusive pets trading

Pet Battles
Evil c&p from US forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769067090

Here's a list of the faction pets and their counterparts:

Obvious straight swap:
lil' siege tower, 200, revered 7th legion
lil' war machine, 200, revered honorbound

Ally reps:
corlain falcon, 200, revered order of embers
pair of bee wings, 250, revered storm's wake

Horde reps:
tragg the curious, 75, revered with Talanji expedition

Pets on the rep front Ally pets costs more charms compared to Horde. Then there are the quest unlocks, here Horde costs more charms vs Ally:

Ally quests:
smoochums bloody heart, 200, must complete Abby Lewis quest chain
drustvar piglet, 75, must complete Carvers Harbor quest chain
strange looking mech squirrel, 75, complete inspection gadget quest chain
greatwing macaw feather, 50, complete Freehold chapter of Tiragarde zone

Horde quests:
lil' ben'fon, 300, complete (H) quest chain in Zuldazar
lil' tika, 200, complete (H) quest chain in Zuldazar
ranishu runt, 250, complete (H) quest chain in Vol'dun
toad in a box, 200 (not sure what unlocks, may be H only) Nazmir

Total charms cost H (1225) to A (1050).

I have 1454 PPC, lf any alliance pet except both siege tower/war machine, i have unlocked horde quest pets.

EDIT: i just swapped my pets for the alliance ones, but i'd like to keep this thread open in case there are people who need swaps, have a nice day!

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