Mighty Bash/Maim wrong stun time

I'm just wondering why full maim and bash are only working for like 2-3 s even though they are supposed to be 5s. At first I thought it's reduced vs players, but vs mobs situation is the same.

Edit. I think I just realized that every time you stun someone your next stun has less duration. This is what happens, when you are only playing warrior and your only stun is from a talent.
Yeap, diminishing returns. Stuns get gradually shorter the more you stun a player or mob in succession.
Thanks for confirmation. I never really paid attention to this kind of stuff.
First stun, full duration.
18? (16?) second timer starts.
Another stun, within that 18 seconds results in half the duration, and restart of the timer.
Third stun, 1/2 duration of the second 1/2 duration stun, and reset of the timer back to 18 seconds.
Thereafter, for the next 18 seconds, target will be IMMUNE to stuns, until the 18 seconds are up.

That's how it works in PvP, assuming something similar in pve.

For simplicity, say uniform 4 second stuns..
All with DR, would look like this:
4 sec stun
2 sec stun
1 sec stun (afterwards, for next 18 seconds, might be 16, can't remember), target is immune.

Ideally, you don't stun the same target within its DR period, or its a waste of a full stun.

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