Who will side with Saurfang, who with Sylvanas?!

Argent Dawn
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I will side with Hogger, True King of Azeroth!
Sylvanas personally.
Just want to have a nice fight with the Alliance bros. I will be forced to fight for Sylvanas until she goes full Garrosh. Every war the Horde is in it has this weird civil war. Even Thrall had his with Grommash.

Maybe I pick the third option and have Pullo retire from the grunts and go live on a pig farm in the barrens, leaving the Horde to it's traitors reward.
I'm siding with the unsub button.
Eh, Sylvanas is just unbearable because of the way she's being written. However it seems like they're finally dismissing any notions of a "morally grey" conflict judging from Blizzcon, so that has etched my choice in stone to go with Saurfang. Maybe I'll pick Sylvanas on an alt if there's a worthwhile reward.
Sylvanas is a lunatic who will likely kill the Horde, and Saurfang could risk letting Anduin and his Alliance have influence/control within the Horde.

Lor'themar Theron would have made a fine Warchief.
I mean it don't matter since Blizzard can't write off two different "endings" to the story.

We're all Saurfangs boiiis, boys.
Sylvanas, I would have sided with garrosh too.
Does anyone really expect me to pick anything other than Sylv at this point?
I am genuinely hoping they'd add an undead faction at some point, with a free race change and all
Saurfang, I didn't like Sylvanas in the first place, then there was the ''it's muh lady'' thing which I didn't like, her story in Legion was badly written and now we've got her 'morally grey' story in bfa
No true sin'dorei would ally themselves with Saurfang. Pragmatism, ruthlessness and perseverance are our thing.
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03/11/2018 09:22Posted by Zasnok
I'm siding with the unsub button.

good riddance xoxo
Sylvanas. I don`t want to support old grandpa with PTSD that`d send his troops armed with sticks to certain death, only if that meant them dying with "honor"
My orcs will side with the Horde so that means in a future patch with Saurfang.

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