Same language teams

Can someone tell me why I consistently face teams in random BG's that are all from realms speaking the same language?

It can be Russian realms (as it mostly is) or German realms, either way, they have a clear advantage. They all speak the same language!

Why can't I select which language groups I wish to team with? I can or could block certain BG's so why not certain languages? For example, I play on an English speaking realm so when I queue for a random BG, why cant I play exclusively with players who only wish to play with others speaking the same language?

I fell that my game play suffers terribly due to the fact that I am in teams where a minority of them speak the same language as myself, especially as I chose to play on an English speaking realm!
Still waiting on an answer of any sort to this dilemma.
It's based on the realm language. Blizz cannot control if the person who chooses to play on english speaking realm really speaks/understands english.

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