Imploring Blizzard

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Raids
Dear Blizzard,

I'm gonna type. You're gonna read.

I started playing WoW on Azuremyst US in BC. Back then, the most mundane task for me was stepping out of Shattrath into Terokkar farming soulshards - those 5 minutes of wasted grind.

I started running a raiding guild during Wrath's Naxxaramas and moved to Magtheridon EU in MoP.
The one common factor I had was the feeling when I sat down and saw that Play button. The magic this game had was incomparable with anything else. You felt engulfed in wonderment where u get on, craft consumables that took 15 minutes to gather, did dailies and off to raid.

I remember when daily quests had their very own achievements. Those were fun. You had time to do other things, getting achievements, leveling or gearing alts, pvp. As a raider, u could log on only for raids if u wanted to. I remember when daily dungeon bonuses accumulated so if u were busy today u could log on tomorrow and have 2-days worth of rewards. LFR used to be an event that u had to prepare for and learn then it got dumbed down and included a raider-must augment rune as an “incentive”.

There was far more magic and respect for people's time back then.

Back then I did stuff in WoW because I wanted to not because I had to. Back then I didn't have to try to “sell” your AP to my raiders to convince them that it's not a bad thing.

Now, I log on to do the same emissaries to get resources to get a shiny rock to use on a boring neck to see the numbers on it go up. Maybe that would’ve been exciting if I was a maths nerd. A system implemented to keep loyal players from going elsewhere. Let’s say I’m fine with wasting time getting it. What do I do when I’m done? Islands? Isn’t it the same as that area in Tanaan jungle where claws were farmed? Except that here there are no claws. You just get currency to buy stuff.

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Legion legendaries. At least while u did content u got a little bit extra from ur emissary, world quest, boss, LFR, w/e.

In some MMOs, once you level your “paragon levels” u level it across ALL ur characters. Regrinding it on multiple characters - or back in legion regrinding it per spec even… if u think that's ur idea of fun, rehire!

Blizzard will always be exceptional at making cinematics, lore, and raids. The rest of the game atm though is like a big con imo. I feel like I'm paying to play a free to play game for no benefits.

Back in Legion at least you felt like getting new skills at the beginning via AP so it was exciting. Going after weapon appearances was great even though the system of having to do stuff to get numbers to be able to CONCORDANCE *facepalm* or a nether crucible where ur dps will be dependent on how hard u shake the RNG genie inside the magical crucible!

Can't add a vendor and call it a “patch”. Blizzard’s standards should be higher.

The game dev and ability to provide competitive content that earns the right to rein MMO market used to be very different than how it is now. It's as if the creative and game directors have completely changed. Oh wait.

In his Farewell speech, Metzen said: “It’s not just the decisions you come to—or even the final shape of the product you craft.… It’s bigger than that and infinitely more important. True collaboration builds trust—and trust is the basis of all lasting relationships. With trust you build more than just a great product.
You build a TRIBE…that can build anything. A family of craftsmen.”

Well, the tribe right now seems withered and uncertain - and the trust - well
Trust went out the window with Garrisons. I know testing content is great! But we've been testing stuff since WoD. I'm tired of being a guinea pig. Can I start getting a good product for the money you're getting pls?

Stop adding endless grinds! Make a good product with interesting content. Fix ur crafting! Why even add AnchorWeed at all? Why add rare ingredients to craft consumables literally used on daily basis? If it's for crafting gear then sure, but do u know how many flasks players go through per week? I'm not even gonna get into feast ingredients.

I hope things shape up. I'm sure many players enjoy the game as it is right now and hope this post doesn't get burnt down. This is just me imploring - hoping I’d get heard.

In my opinion, the game as it is right now is not a good product. I will never forgive Blizzard for making me risk losing friendships that I've made and driving me to throw the towel into the massive azerite puddle *Don't forget to click the neck*

I will never forget the day I spoke to my raiders - one by one, telling them how much they mean to me and that, unfortunately, I’m done feeling like I’m being conned.

Blizzard is a smart company and I'm certain things will change at some point. Until then I think I'm going to be enjoying the scenery elsewhere where I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Adios.

Kursive - the guinea pig that escaped the lab.
Yup, WoW became a pointless grindfest, only to get another shot at the slot machine called Titanforged System. I want the RPG back, because this sure as hell ain't one.
I absolutely agree with you.Everything that makes sense into the game is in the rng slot machine simulator.I remember when m+ launched ,I was farming a random shield for 35 days.I had 120+ m+ and 0 shields or weapons dropped for me.You want specific slots?Be lucky.You want specific slots in pvp?Be lucky.You want the Island expedition cosmetics?HAHAHA.1300 runs here and I may have 30% of the cosmetics while counting just 1 single item that I barely wanted.Warfront cosmetics?Farm them once per 20something days and ,if you are lucky you 'll get 1-2 things.Mounts from bfa dungeons ? 3 of them that have like 0.5 chance.Do you want them?Either be a trash player who got them 1st try and doesnt even know their drop rate or guess what;do 200 runs on each of 3 dungeons on low m+ keys with people that have started getting into the system and understand 10% of mechanics,while they don't even know what dispell is.You want flasks?go farm anchor weeds or be forced to buy them off AH.Of course,even then,your procc of flasks will be a complete rng.I am playing for 10 hours a day and I hardly have one mount from the expansion that I want.8.1 mounts?Give 333k for each frog,farm to death to get the tokens for nightsaber and scorpion mounts,gather 1000 dubloons from IE(HAHA) for an albatross,have 4 more mounts on islands so you can farm them 24 hours a day,and get a bunch of new warfront mounts and cosmetics to loot once per month.Only exceptional thing on this expansion is the raids and the end game content,everything else is a forced grind for 99% of things.They do that for us to play all day long,but they don't understand that a lot of players don't have the time,but even they who do,don't have the patience.So ,instead of doing these pointless/no goal grinds,people unsubscribe.
And guess what? They add more stuff to farm in the next patch.
The content for Blizzard in the last months is obtain the 1300 items with 1% drop chances from trash monsters.
have yet to get a single mount for this expansion that has not come from an exalted rep and have not got a titanforged item once

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