DISNEY AND DOTS 2/8M Weds/Mon - Draenor

Looking for Players – PvE
Due to a few people needing to go more Social DISNEY AND DOTS is looking to recruit a few DPS for Mythic Uldir Progression. We are currently 8/8 Heroic and 2/8 Mythic. We are looking to have more than what is required as we appreciate not everyone can make it all of the time.

Current Requirements

2 x Melee DPS
3 x Ranged DPS

Exceptional applications of any classes and specialisations welcome.

About Us

For the most part, we are players with jobs and families and we understand that those come first. We are a casual guild in the sense that we raid 2 nights a week and require no other obligations from you outside of raids. We do take the 6 hours of raiding seriously and expect the same from our raiders, however we also do have a good time whilst we’re there. Quite a few players run Mythic + Keystones and there is some PvP and Arena in the background.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST
Monday 20:00 - 23:00 ST

What We Would Like From You

If you’re a friendly player looking to casually progress through Mythic raid tiers this expansion and can take a joke, you will need a sense of humour here, then give us a shout. We do want people with an attitude that puts Guild progression above personal reward as we are a close knit bunch who practically live on Discord throughout the working day and have built a good unity. We do look for regular attendance on raids but if you can’t make it and if you let us know beforehand, there is never an issue.


If the above sounds of interest to you, please get in contact with myself, or alternatively, one of our Officers on the following Discords.

Immortalitie - Maxxipad#9140 (Discord)
Aspirations - Necrotic#2953 (Discord)
Current requirements - UPDATED

Affliction warlock - priority
Balance Druid - prioity

Other exceptional applications of any classes and specialisations welcome.
Updated. In need of DPS.

We like trolls.

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