Loot Trading = More Ninja Looting

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10/11/2018 18:09Posted by Taxation
Moral of the story: if you get into a group with 4 guildies you are not very clever. If the 4 guildmembers aren't master looting and instead letting your roll for your 1/5 chance they're not very clever. All in all, it's obvious the scenario is idiotic. That's because there are close to no scenarios where the fears against loot trading is actually real.

To suggest that running into a 4 stack is unlikely and an idiotic scenario just shows your ignorance of the situation. Even if it was a 2 stack, the same thing applies. A persons roll value might count for half as much if not more than someone else's because of abuse in loot trading.
And your suggestion of, well you just shouldn't group with people that are all in a guild or are friends at the start shows that you don't care about one of the biggest aspects of WoW vanilla and that was the social interaction and building of friendships. If everyone is gonna air on the side of caution and just not group with any group of people they don't know. NOTHING will get done.

Loot trading is gonna get so corrupted guys...you really don't want to open this can of worms when Blizzard can actively just do what they used to do and handle these random disputes themselves rather than leaving it to the community.
It's just sheer laziness and unwillingness to honour how vanilla was.
To suggest that running iwuuuaaah drama drama how dare you u ruin it all wuaaing is gonna get so corrupted guys...you really don't want to open this can of worms when Blizzangness to honour how vanilla was.

No, you're wrong. Running into 4 guildies are the most unlikely scenario out of any stack roll values. On top of that everything will get done because I will group with randoms and then find friends instead of grouping with friends and be the random for them.

Loot trading is no big deal and noone can give any kind of scenario where it affects anyone because it doesn't exist and all ther eis to it is a bunch of drama queens like above poster.
Agreed, Blizzard needs to either change their minds about implementing loot trading, or put some heavy restrictions on it, at least in dungeons. If they don't, it will 100% get abused to death.
#yeschanges #loottradingisgood
Prediction: Rolling on items that you dont need and then sell for gold to your party members are going to be common place.

I get the arguement that "Loot Trading" frees up resources but it wont be the Vanilla experience.

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