Is Sylvanas controlled by third party?

12/11/2018 20:39Posted by Keydiam
And no Sylvanas is not controlled. She's just evil, but watch out as the big plot twist comes with 8.3 where it is revealed that she was actually good all along and tried to save us form some ub0r-evil.

i agree that probably they are not planing to remove Sylvanas from game and they plan some plot twist. Can't think anything about a 'save us form some ub0r-evil' so i am speculating about the third party control twist.
12/11/2018 16:31Posted by Northgrave
Yeah, I used Enslave Undead on her back in Stormheim. BfA is my fault.

A confession i knew Death Knights should not be trusted
12/11/2018 23:37Posted by Owlsong
Word of God (i.e Afrasiabi, who's been writing Sylvanas personally since 2006) says no - she's just evil.

Not just evil, evil with plausible deniability
13/11/2018 11:34Posted by Zarao
If she is, this pile of !@#$ that BfA lore is, will reach heights never seen before.

I don't know a lot about the lore. i think you posted that they have put themselves in a corner and you can't see a way out. This is a way out. Go see the Sylvanas cinematic and see if option three makes sense. If they go that way there was no corner from the start.
is third party controlled by sylvanas? Now that's the question

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