3/8 Mythic - 2 Days/Week *Draenor H*

Looking for Players – PvE
Good Day To You All!

Thank you for taking your time to read our Post.

<Timeless Raiders> Were founded on the 20th June This Year! We were set up with the purpose of being a progression minded guild whilst maintaining a fun and family environment with no elitist Jerks.

The Guild was founded by myself and 4 friends that i have previously run guilds with over the last 7 years or so, we all have strong experience in running guilds to a high level as well as maintaining a strong family feel in raids and out. All of the officers have high end raid experience whether it be current mythic / HC before Mythic was introduced. We have a whats app chat for the officers so we are in constant communication about running / improving the guild for its raiders :) (Typically 300 - 400 messages a day about how its going and improvements)

We have created a guild that has the following..
- Raids 2 times a week. (Wed / Sun 8 - 11 Server Time)
- Groups That Push M+ Keys and Improve their Raider IO
- Expect at least 75 % attendance as sometimes, life comes first and that's okay.
- Committed, Mature and skilled players to clear HC and progress Mythic
- Family Atmosphere and no elitist jerks.
- Wants between 20 - 25 Highly Skilled and Friendly Raiders to ensure we can always raid. (swap outs may happen in this case but will ofcourse be fair and everyone will get there kills)

What Is Our Progress In BFA?

- 8/8 Normal
- 8/8 HC
- 3/8 M

What are we recruiting?

- Warrior / Ret Pally

Exceptional Applicants are always welcome.

What Are Our Requirements?

- 370+ Ilvl
- Atleast 8/8 HC - 2/8 M & A Strong Raiding History
Skilled, Committed, Mature, Reliable and Most of All .... Friendly

Members are also ofcourse welcome to join and make friends and join in on Alt Runs :)

Let me know if you need any more information about the guild or the Officer team and i will get back to you (Please read the comments as i will update you all there of any changes.)

If you would like to apply / talk more then please add me / The Officer Team on battlenet.

Still looking for some Range Dps and a couple of healers :)
Mythic Zek Voz down to 17% he will die next reset!

Recruiting Range DPS

Priest Healer - Prefer if you can play holy and disc to the same level
Druid Healer - Balance OS.
Zek Voz Died Last Week and progress on Vectis has begun :D
still looking to bolster our team
still looking :)
vectis progress is going well, need to bolster our team with a few more recruits!
still looking for more
still looking to bolster our team
Vectis 20 % consistent wipes, just need a bit of tightening up and we will secure the kill

Still looking to bolster our team
still looking for

Warrior DPS
Holy Priest / Resto Druid
Still looking for 3 more spots for our 25 man team

Warrior DPS
Holy Priest / Resto Druid
We have picked up 4 strong raiders with a lot of potential,

we are now only looking for

Warrior Dps

get in touch if you want to kill bosses with a fun and friendly group :D
Warrior Dps / Ret Pally get in touch :D

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