What abilities do you miss?

Dispatch, preparation, OG cold blood, OG mind numbing poison, paralytic poison, shiv, combat readiness, making my poisons, leveling pick locking, unique engineering goggle appearances (thanks for the WOD rehash in BFA btw!) 1 charge shadow dance with big damage, shadow blades baseline for class, wound poison being used at all (thanks for ruining that deadly brew) enchants and gemming being the norm instead of being pruned / minimized to proccs and accessories/weapons, pvp vendors, synapse springs, revealing strike, combat rogue, slice and dice & recuperate.
Shattering Throw
Windfury Totem
Recklessness (30min)
Seal of Command
Divine Intervention
Storm Blast
Fire Nova (wod)
Demon Bolt (wod)
Shadow Dance (1min cd)
Tricks of the Trade (+15% damage)
Cold Blood
Scare Beast
Nature's Swiftness
Slam (0.5s cast)
Hysteria (blood dk wotlk)
12/10/2018 15:47Posted by Tinytoriblak
Knights of the round
Final cast + Phoenix

God they were good back in the day.

And completely unnecessary. All you needed was counter attack, and regen.

You kill of 2 of your characters, then deck the 3rd character out with 10 counter attacks and 1 regen. Enter a fight with Emerald Weapon, cast regen on yourself and then watch as your character beats the living !@#$ out of EW.

...And people say Final Fantasy 7 was hard!

On topic: I personally miss stance dancing. Sure it was tedius have to macro /cast whatever stance to all of my abilities, but I still miss it.
All of them.
Just give me the MoP class design not just for this char but all of them, I thought that class design was at its peak in MoP, now it is a mere shadow of what it was across the board.
Mark of the Wild.

Life Tap.
I miss having mana spring and mana tide totem on my shaman, although mana tide was based on spirit, which is removed :(

multi-strike, I like the idea of a chance to hit again, considering we don't have the old talent trees with sword spec giving the addition % to hit again with a sword equipped, as well as old items that gave you a chance to grant an extra strike and general old items like the trinket from BRD that gives you another chance to hit again (after all, if we had all of these at max level, this would break the game)

other things that I can't remember right now
Hungering Cold.

Stunning healers through pillar, Popping Apparatus Trink and 2 hitting people with 2H Obliterate.

God i miss S10.
Priest mana burn when it was good and a spell which froze time, it got nerfed so cant remember it exactly. Used to have fun with a pala self sacrifice that bubbled someone so they couldn’t move. Great doing it in pvp as player capping, watching players stand hitting them with no clue.
Devouring Plague
Spectral guise
Cascade (shadow)
Halo (shadow)
Inner Fire
Vampiric Embrace (older passive)

and basically all the stuff Discipline stole from shadow *eyes discipline down*

i loved to play the aggro game in raids.
The ability to have control over my loot.
Mana Tea, hands down. Another thing that doesn't really count as an ability, but Chi for mistweaver.
As a Hunter:

Kill Shot.
Baseline Dire Beast.
Old Explosive Shot.
Baseline Stampede.
12/10/2018 16:31Posted by Hínáta
Shattering throw
Old Whirlwind sound effect.
Mop shadow priest And Yeah all the other classes in mop 2. And fear ward was awesome to use in arena to prevent cc.
13/10/2018 16:04Posted by Madcleaver
Old Whirlwind sound effect.

oh man. old gun sound count?
All of them.
The whole original MW monk with actual fistweaving.

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