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Kilrogg / Nagrand / Runetotem
Hi i am looking for a guild on kilrogg/nagrand/runetotem alliance side

I am item level 353 on my hunter been playing wow since vanilla but since pandaria been on and off because of illnesses and family commitments. Now I am back i have done 6 bosses in uldir, i like doing dungeons normal and heroics only...though i will try some mythics if needed. I would like to progress through heroic raiding though not really interested in mythic raiding. I am currently in a guild but they are rushing on to heroic raiding and i don't think i have enough experience to move on to heroic raiding yet as i would like to progress first through normal. I still have commitments at home so if there is a guild out there that can meet my expectations then please whisper me in game. I am fun and chatty and i don't care about how many times we wipe, wiping is fun also...as long as people are not too serious...I would also like to make new friends as i lost my old ones due to the above thankyou for reading :)

add me :-)

For more info check here

current progress 8/8N and 5/8HC
Server: Ravencrest (Alliance)

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