Is Activision “exploiting players” mechanic in Wow?

Yes they use and in Hots ( heroes of the storm ) u can see it from a mile away , and matches can prove that.

If u are a high profile veteran mounts , skins , high stats in all game you will be automatically placed in matches with potential buyers who invest real money into the game , no visible mmr , unskilled players and they called it balance or the game is more challenging this way , I call this bullcrap .
17/10/2018 18:09Posted by Kamazh
So many in need of tinfoil hats here.

a multinational corporation using shady ways to maximize profit?
dude, we are out of our mindz, dude.
17/10/2018 09:34Posted by Manieks
If you as a player would buy some weapon from shop for real money, the matchmaking would match you with weaker players on map that the weapon you bought is more useful

How is that exploiting the player?....if anything they got a better deal, not only did they get the weapon but more often than not they got matched with weaker players.

What's escaping you, is the reason why they bought the weapon in the first place.

17/10/2018 09:34Posted by Manieks
They say it’s true RNG but is it though?

True RNG isn't manufactured, it's organic and who in their right mind would want that.

Playing the Lotto every week for 50+ years and not winning, thats True RNG (luck)
Some people are just looking for any excuse to rant.
I was told in my thread that this amount of RNG is no way gambling and that my question if it is, a pointless question , answer No and close it .

So i guess there is no gambling like system for loot right now in the game .
They have similar styled algorithms in place to give false sense of progression though. Like the loot system is a revamped style of that patent.

The loot system isn't truly random. If you get too much loot in a single week. The probability of getting an upgrade decreases. Remember the "luck protection" yeah, that works the other way around too. Blizzard can fine tune the amount luck you should be getting and if you get too lucky in a single week and are progressing too fast. Well too bad m8 we just tuned down your probability for an upgrade to low.

If you check the Activision patents/leaks you can find a lot of fishy patents that controls player progression in a video game. The reason they are forcing those loot box mechanics on to players, is for this exact reason.

The loot system is made in such a way to give a false sense of progress or how should I put it, illusion of progress. You get 4 cloaks in a single week? Or maybe did you do a mythic 10 just to get the same slot gear the next week from mythic cache? The system is pretty aware of the fact that the item it drops won't be a upgrade for you even though it is a 380+ piece.

To be honest if you don't believe me, I don't care. Though I would like to say this, you need to be really naive or delusional to think otherwise, is what they are doing. WoW loot system and how it works in the back end of the game is much more sophisticated than what most people think it really is.
beside the sub, I will spend 1$ on anything other in-game because i pay for SUB
You can see how other games that has Sub how they respect players, Some of them consider those who sub like V.I.P Player or even like An important investor!
I believe blizzard need to learn from them.

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