Sin PvP traits

What are the best traits sin PvP? And does iLvl of azerite armor matter in pvp (for example is it worth using 340 ilvl with bis trait instead of 385 ilvl with bad trait)
General rule of thumb for pvp:

Smoke Bomb / System Shock / Deadly Brew or Mind Numbing Poison or Creeping Venom depending on situation

It of course all depends on what pvp you are doing.

As for gear ilevel and traits, general rule of thumb is to take the higher ilvl as the stat difference usually more than equates for bad trait. Edit : (unless the ilvl difference is say 5 and the trait is that much better)

It is worth going to to check high arena rated rogues for their setups to confirm your choices if you are doing arena.

You should use at least one Shrouded Suffocation, the damage increase is decent but you're interested in the combo point bonus. That makes your opener way way way better, and if you have to use vanish offensively at some point you'll Kidney into Vanish Cheap Shot Garrote, 11s cc, and you'll end up with 5 combo points to throw an envenom during the garrote window.

After this Twist the Knife or Double Dose are doing good damage, you don't really have better traits. Some people like scent of blood if you go the multi dot way, I personally prefer the two traits I mentioned. Stacking Shrouded Suffocation is an option as well, but then again I'd rather not because you'll probably not use Vanish on CD and you're going to waste the trait.

For the secondary traits I do like Overwhelming power if you know how to take advantage of your stacks, but since you lose a stack on damage taken it can really lose value pretty fast. The safe and efficient way would be Heed my Call or Gutripper. I currently have one of each and they do the same overall damage. Heed my Call is more bursty though, less procs, but does more damage per proc. You choose!

To answer your second question it depends on ilvl difference, 340 vs 385 is a massive agility change... Usually if it's 15-30 ilvl away and that's one REALLY BAD trait vs a top tiers one I like to keep the trait, but 340 vs 385... And well it really depends on the trait on the gear and also the traits you already have on other pieces!

Hope I could help.

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