Quickest way to get an underwater mount?

Is there any benefit to having an underwater mount over a water strider?
Reins of Poseidus drop from Poseidus in Vashj'ir.
Just go there, swim around for a bit and kill him.
There is no-one in Vashj'ir anymore and the drop rate is good so ...

As @Kamazh said earlier, the fastest way to travel underwater
is fish form granted by the Underlight Angler.
Way way faster than any mount because you become a fish.
26/10/2018 15:13Posted by Keele
Is there any benefit to having an underwater mount over a water strider?

If you are under water, yes. ;)

I fished for the Darkwater skate on a toon of 0 fishing skill. Easy and quite fast.

Reins of Poseidon would be a better way though because, as Fluxache says, noone is in Vashjir anymore. Think I'll go get him now on my very low pop server.
Roll a druid.
farm dubloons and wait for 8.1
26/10/2018 13:15Posted by Kamazh
Dont waste time on an underwater mount. They are seriously bad.

Underwater mounts are fairly slow and have a cast time.

Underlight angler have a much faster fish form and its instant to activate. And it gives underwater breathing as well waterwalking on the surface.

Dude, seriously, thank you. I got the fishing rod today, it took me just about a day to farm, and its awesome.

Having a druid like swim form is really great. Thank you very much.
If i recall correct the Vashj'ir quest line (Cataclysm) provides one fairly early.
get the water walker from anglers, spend your timewalking tokens on angler tokens and send them to one character. at revered buy the 100% bonus item.

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