[H] 380 Arms Warrior LF Mythic Raid

Twisting Nether
Hi Guys, ive been so far only in Guilds where all just chill and dont actualy care about Raidprogress.
RN im only 2/8 but i think i can do achieve way more if i only would have Mates who have the same Goals as i do ( I pugged everything + curved )

If your guild is LF an arms warri reply here ♥
You can add me here for more information, we would be interested in you Jackdaniel#2766
No need to look anymore, give me an add and we can talk about you getting a guild that has the same goals :)

Hi Skankhunt, Feel free to get into contact with me @Witkind#2272

Our guild raids Wednesday-thursday-sunday from 20:00-23:00(server time) and currently in need of a warrior! Our guild progress is 5/8m hope to hear from you soon!

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