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So I've just got my level 3 garrison, and opened up these dailies for the Apexi crystals where I can choose an option. Few questions:

a) The Apexi crystal rewards, I assume these just give old transmog gear now and nothing else of note?
b) Are these missions scenarios? Or are they open world quests?
c) Do I need to travel to the place, or can I teleport from my garrison?
d) How long approximately do they take to complete?
e) Do they give any reputation for any faction?

Thanks in advance.
b) & c) They are open world quests which means you have to travel to the quest area. Keep in mind some of the mobs can be quite difficult to solo, or were back then anyway.
d) It depends of how fast you are to find the quest area, killing the mobs etc. I'd give or take 30 minutes including traveling.
e) Not that I am aware of.
Ok thankyou, and its only one per day?
a) Transmg, mounts and that kind of stuff.
b) They are pretty much the precursors to the world quest, you go to the place and do stuff to fill the bar.
c) If you have mage tower(alliance) or spirit lodge(horde) you can open up to 3 portals from your garrison to 3 zones in Dreanor. But still this won't teleport you to the proper quest area, you have to get there.
d) You could levelup your character more, that way they should be faster to complete.
e) Quests themselves don't give the rep but the mobs you kill in those area give rep to specific factions.

Edit: Yes everyday you get 2 and you can only choose one. You can also buy mission reports from an NPC, can't find the name and wowhead seems down. They give you additional quest to complete and you can choose to buy any of those dailies.
They are also required to complete [Securing Draenor], which in turn is part of [Draenor Pathfinder], the meta-achievement that unlocks the ability to fly in Draenor :)

While you will only be offered a single assault per day at the Garrison table, the mission reports Cedrad was mentioning - called Scouting Missives - can be bought in bulk.

In other words, if you have enough Garrison Resources to buy all these Missives ( 2400 Resources in total, if I am not mistaken), you will be able to complete all the Assaults within a single day :)

The Missives can be purchased from [Sergeant Crowler] (Alliance) and [Sergeant Grimjaw] (Horde).

Lastly, be sure to check out this remarkable guide on Wowhead!

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