[H] <Not Dead Yet> Are Recruiting!

<Not Dead Yet> are recruiting! We’re a recently formed guild with normal Uldir on farm and our current team have 5 out of 8 heroic progression experience. We’re looking for both social members and some more raiders.

We like to chill out and have fun, it’s a game after all! We’re also super aware that people have friends, families and other things going on outside Azeroth, and we completely respect that they will come first, over the game. We usually have people about for getting guild M+ and Islands groups going any evening; and we also run social events for everyone to chill out and have a laugh together.

Raid-wise, we’re looking for more ranged DPS to boost our numbers and progress through heroic with us! People with offspecs or alts ready to raid in different roles are especially sought after. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 2100-2300 server time. Any new member’s first raid night will be treated as a trial, on both sides. Try us out and don’t like it? No worries. Equally, if we feel that you aren’t going to be a good fit, we will let you know (politely).

For social or M+ members, we’re open to all. We usually have a procession of alts coming through the guild, so you should find people to play with at any gear level.

If you’re interested in joining us you can check out our discord (https://discord.gg/EtMzyvj) and ask any questions you may have. Or, look us up in game for a chat!
We are still looking for recruits! Ranged DPS are a massive priority for us, preferably with 8/8 normal experience at minimum. Returning players with good raiding experience in older raids will be considered.

I especially need a warlock pal. As ever, join our Discord (in the OP) or hit us up in game for a chat.

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