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About Us

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We’re a newly formed guild that have recently moved to Kazzak.
We were previously on Quel’Thalas as < The Front Line >. We moved to Kazzak because we were struggling to recruit Mythic quality players, and this was hurting our progression.

We’re a chilled out bunch of players, who are always looking to push ourselves further and have a good time whilst we’re at it. At the moment we’re aiming to get at least get Cutting Edge every raid tier, but looking to challenge ourselves to do it as fast as possible. However, as the guild is new we know this probably isn't going to happen this tier now, so we're recruiting and prepping for 8.1.

What we expect from you

 Have cleared at least 8/8 HC and ideally 2/8 on Mythic
 Join discord with a good quality mic
 Speak and understand English
 Bring a positive attitude
 Come to raids prepared
 Socially active in the guild
 Good raid attendance ~80%
 Desire to constantly improve your gameplay (via logs, sims, etc.)

Raid times

Wednesday, Thursday & Monday
20:00 – 23:00 (server time)

We are currently recruiting for our Mythic teams with these ranks:

Core Raider - Key member of the Mythic Raiding team.
Is expected to have the higher attendance than other raider ranks and play this character to the maximum potential.

Flex Raider - Part of Mythic Raiding team.
This rank is for people who still want to take part in the mythic raids but maybe can’t fully commit to the raid schedule. These players are expected to have their character equally as gear and play it to the same level as a Core Raider.

If you're interested in joining please message one of the officers:
bump :)
We're now 8/8HC 2/8M but we really need more DPS players. Please drop us a message! :)
Looking for the following still:

BM Monk
Ret Pala
Still looking for the following!!


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