Plans on expanding WoW franchise


I've been a dedicated WoW player for a long time, started in 2005, and played almost all expansions until today, and am still subbed. While there is something i would like to have changed, i still enjoy the game and want to continue to do so.

However, i am now older, full time employed and have not much time to play on a hardcore level. I am sure there are millions of people like me, who have quit the game a while ago, but would like to make a comeback if things get more accessible.

I am talking about the possibility of fully pledged mobile WoW experience anywhere at any time. Nothing could bring me and my loved ones closer than slaying some alliance, i can guarantee that. On top of that, if i have a busy week but still want to be on-par at character progression with my friends - i would totally be willing to compensate with my own money. Just imagine being able to buy an Ashbringer and slay human enemies twice faster! Please make it possible!

I have a phone btw

I'm feeling generous.
Oj right its sunday today.

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