Question on the current state of Druids

Hello, I'm considering rerolling to a Druid within the next few days (other options being a Priest or a Shaman).

What I'm looking for is an engaging rotation DPS wise, as well as being able to perform other roles for the purposes of Mythic + progression.

I'm interested maining a ranged spec as far as Raids are concerned, so I'm curious about Balance performance,both in Mythic + and Raids.

As far as secondary roles go, I am quite interested in tanking - so how is Guardian doing? I've read a few posts that suggests their rotation is not as engaging and they seem to have some issues with holding the aggro. Is this true? And are you aware of any incoming improvements on the PTR that might address / fix this?

Look forward to your reply!
Hello. All Druid specs are in a pretty poor place right now, but Resto performs the best out of them
- Balance is a decent choice for ranged AoE, it always has been. Mage and Warlocks can often do it better, but they can't multi-role, which seems to be what you're interested in.
- Feral isn't really an option, it has the 'most' engaging playstyle and is certainly the most difficult DPS spec to play, but it's not rewarding due to it's pathetic numbers output and it takes far too long to "ramp up" on long fights.
- Guardian is also in a terrible place, being the worst tank choice possible currently, it has far too many problems to really call itself a tank. It's squishy, it's self-healing is poor and doesn't off-set or negate incoming damage very well. But the worst part is, it has poor utility. If you want to dispel yourself, it'll break bear form and you'll die. If you want to kite, you'll need to go cat form and you'll die. If you want to heal yourself with that emergency Swiftmend? Guess what, you're going to die.

It's important to note that the Druid developer has no clue how to actually play a Druid, or what they are doing with it. So I'd consider playing something else, save yourself the misery.

If you're dead set on Druid though, go with Balance and Resto specs, you will be viable, Resto has some niche healing on certain M+ affixes and Balance DPS is fine, just not top-tier on *most* fights. Balance is also viable in M+ because the Treants talent it has is extremely useful on certain affixes, such as Necrotic (Shaman can do this with Earth Elemental btw) and any Druid plays well on the "Raging" affix due to the dispel - that said, that's not exactly unique to them either.
Priests are too straightforward and not engaging, but perform great in Raids and well in M+. Shadow lacks sustain and tankiness.
Shammys have unique playstyle but were placed in a bad spot after the launch of BFA. With more stats they will perform well.
Druid healers are fast paced and fun to me, but require some learning and knowledge. Balance druids are quite tanky and perform well in all current content. Feral changes are coming, Guardian needs tinkering to perform, no huge changes incoming.
My best advise is to try leveling the desired classes a bit to find out and try their core mechanics.

I'm playing WOW for almost a year now and was interested in trying all the classes and their mechanics. I played Druid for around 3 months, did everything up to first bosses of heroic Antorus as a Feral. As of that moment I was interested in healing but was not able to play the Resto Druid correctly, cuz I didn't understand it's basic mechanics and just ran out of mana because of placing too much DOTs.
As I wanted to look into healing more, I leveled a Priest, healed through dungeons from lvl 1 all the way up to 110. Around lvl 80 in Draenor Shadow priest became too fragile in PVE, so i did the outdoor content as a Disc Priest.
In the endgame Holy Priest is IMO the easiest and still the most effective healer in raids, but it was too straightforward and boring. Spamming Chain Heal and using other big heals on cooldown as needed is awesome HPS wide, but did not engage me into this class enough.

So I tried the Resto Shammy. They were cool in legion because of hard mechanics and knowledge and skill required to effectively perform. But as of their current state in BFA they are a bit struggling. The core is unchanged, but some mechanics (like Cloudburst totem) were made not viable. And with the stat squish in mind as a healer that does not prioritize haste, you are highly reliant on Torrent to speed up your casts. In the end the fact that you need to use your torrent stacks effectively, refreshing Healing rain every 10 secs, looking for the right moment to use the Unleash Life + Chain heal combo with a few more 30 secs cooldowns and performing the boss mechanics was staggering for me. And to say further I was not able to perform well in M+.
It is important to note that after the stat squish Ele Shammys are underperforming, and the current PTR changes for them does not seem to be a big buff for them, although bringing some fun changes to the rotation.

So I changed back to Druid. I'm really happy with it, as I'm playing Resto and Balance that are in a nice spot right now. So far I was able to finish Heroic Uldir competing (and outhealing on 6/8 bosses) with a monk healer and a mediocre holy priest of almost the same ILvl. In M+ I was able to complete a +10 in time last week with Bursting and Fortified. I'm still figuring out Balance DPS, but it's already outperforming my Ele Shaman with almost the same ILvl.
The Resto Druid rotation is based around intsta cast DOTs, so it's faster then the Resto Shammy's. And there are some mechanics like Flourish that are quite fun and challenging to perform.

But I think the class choice must be personal. So my best advice would to try leveling a bit some 20 lvl allied race characters and playing the role that you want to play. The basic rotation and class mechanics stay the same, improving as you level. So you can see for yourself what do you like the most.
Thanks for your feedback guys, much appreciated
I agree with Nooóo.

Feral/guardian are disappointing.

Can you do WQ and level with them? Sure,, to put it nicely.

Balance and resto are good though, mostly based on great utility. They can freely use all the abilities that make druids great. Numbers wise, there are better options.
As stated above druids aren't in a good spot at the moment. However it also depends on the level of content you intend to do.
If you're doing Mythic dungeons under +10 and normal (maybe heroic) raiding you should be fine as a druid.
But if you're aiming at higher keys (+10 and higher) and heroic or mythic raiding, a monk would be a much better choice. If you like the monk playstyle of course.
Mistweavers can also struggle a bit with mana. But in m+ you can snag a drink between every pull to keep your mana topped. And learn to utilize their mana conserving talents. But their healing output is insane.
And the stagger mechanic of brewmaster monks can take a bit of getting used to, it's very different from all other tank specs.
And for dps in my opinion windwalkers aren't as fun or powerful as they were in legion but still fast paced with nice utility.

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