Worth making a guild on Silvermoon?

A couple of us are looking to reroll back to alliance and start a guild. We'd be looking at making a 2 day guild that starts raiding at 20:30, clearing hc and then progressing to mythic naturally rather than pushing hard.
We have plenty of raiding/GM experience, but we'd like to start on a new server and Silvermoon seems to have a decent population that is mostly English speaking.

Is this the kind of guild that would do well on the server? Any insight would be helpful.

Silvermoon is a good server however you would be joining the ranks of a millions guilds all offering the same thing for people and fighting hundreds of other guilds for the few guildless people.

If you do start your guild here I would suggest you have a lot of patience because to get your guild built up enough to start raiding and then onto mythic will take a while with almost every other guild recruiting too.

Might be easier for you to find a guild that suits your needs but either way good luck :)
Yeah, what Calain said. We have like 650 ranked guilds on the server, and 3/4th of them is looking for new players ;). Ranged dps is almost impossible to find. If you make a guild be ready to spend like 2 or 3 months building your roster.
Thanks for advice, seems like it might be worth shopping around a bit first to see if we can find a guild to settle in. The main reason for building our own guild was because tank and melee spots are usually hard to come by, but we shall see how it goes :)
If you looking to settle in a nice home were as you said and I quote "clearing hc and then progressing to mythic naturally rather than pushing hard"
hit me up for a chat


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