M+, tree vs Cultivation

I know cultivation got nerfed a while back, so its not the automatic pick.

I have tried all the various possibilities, and while tree is nice, I like the animations and effects, I don't usually feel like I need it. I mean I will use it, once or twice, but far from "on cooldown." An average m+, for me is 25-30 min, and I wouldn't say I use tree 8 times+.

Half of the time I use it, it is a wipe regardless, no fault of my own (usually) :-)

I guess I should just use it more liberally.

I admit, cultivation feels kind of underwhelming.

What do you guys use??
Despends on the entire build really.

If I run photosynth build I take cultivation, but i only take that when i trust my group, otherwise i will usually run sotf + double SM since i know i will be taking full advantage of the talents.

i dislike tree because i usually view it as an "oh !@#$" button and dont maximise it''s potential in dungeons.
Cult adds an additional hot for your photo proc (+additional mastery heal when lifebloom procs) which makes it (feel) stronger than tree.
A 30 second long cooldown feels wasted in pretty much every scenario as you barely need 30 seconds of additional healing. In addition, it doesn't add much to your tank healing besides the 15% extra healing (which is nice but again, often feels wasted since you don't need the 30 seconds). Instant RG are barely worth it since the gcd and the cast times are similar so you don't get extra RGs out of it.
So Cult feels stronger because the alternatives aren't that strong and you get the extra stack of mastery. Sotf is weaker in every regard.
That being said the #1 rdruid always plays Germination + Tree all the time: https://www.twitch.tv/jaamaw/clip/TrappedFrozenMangetoutHoneyBadger
13/11/2018 12:07Posted by Aglarana
i dislike tree because i usually view it as an "oh !@#$" button and dont maximise it''s potential in dungeons.

that has generally been my feeling. I feel like 1/2 the time, I use it just to use it--don't really need it. Almost like, "ok, feeling lazy now, I guess will just pop tree." Or, at the last boss of a dungeon, when the boss is at 10%, I pop it just because, "why not?"

The other 1/2 time I use it, I REALLY need it, but it's a wipe usually anyway, so there's that side of it.
I guess they are all "balanced."

In other words, can almost take any talent you want.

More active burst/CD? Tree, flourish, stonebark.

Like more passive? Photosynthesis, Cultivation, Spring Blossoms.

More rolling dots? CW, germination

For dungeons, all options.

I know for raiding, choices are more clear-flourish, SB, etc.

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