Shaman LF guild with cutting edge ambitions. 3/8 Mythic

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello, my name is Sunnyeh and I'm an old school raider that are looking for a guild that share the ambition to go for cutting edge achivements with a modest amount of raiding each week. I used to raid 4 - 5 nights each week but now a days to balance with work I am looking for a guild that raids about 2 - 3 nights each week.

If you are looking for a dps with healing offspec for the fights that require that extra healer, look no further! I know my around my shaman and I stay updated on my class, raid boss tactics and be generally prepared for the raids. I prefer a guild that have been a round for a while for the stability.

3/8 Mythic with Vectis down to 0,4 left on my best attempt.
Shamy boi wants to raid 2 - 3 times each week.
I'm versatile shaman that can play all specs, I prefer dps tho.
I'm a swedish dude.
Alliance or horde dosn't matter to me.
Battletag Sunny#2757

Thanks for reading.
Hey there!

Looks interesting added you on battlenet for a chat! In the meantime have a look at our guild.

Kind Regards
Up to the top you go.
Hi sunnyeh we have cutting edge intentions and wouldn’t mind a chat on discord if you have time add us in game if you want

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