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Looking for Players – PvE
Mistweaver 2/8m with some attempts on Zek looking for a mythic guild. I can play any nights except Wednesday and Sunday. Looking for a 2-3 night raiding guild. Preferably 8pm onwards server time. Currently on Twisting Nether but willing to transfer for the right guild.

I'm an English guy, have discord and a working mic. Can speak French and Swedish appallingly bad.


<Res Novae>

Is a new raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon (recently transfered from EU-Turalyon) whose core has been founded back in 2007. We have a fun raiding environment with still wanting to progress as far as we can, which ultimatly translates into achieving in Mythic raids, pushing Mythic+ dungeons and trying some (R)BG's and have some laughs while doing it. We are a very versatile bunch and are still looking for a few raiders who are looking for a home in BFA.

We pretty much raided every expansion and one of our most memorable moments were World top 845: Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player) achievement back in 2014.


Tuesday > 19:30-23:00
Wednesday > 19:30-23:00

Contact us:

Omerta#21965 (me)

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