Disc/Holy Priest LF Weekend Raid Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello guys,

I am looking for a weekend Guild which needs a Disc Priest. I can offer the Holy Spec on certain fights which should not be a problem at all but i want to mainly play Disc.
Here are some Logs of my current mythic Progression:


If u look into the logs u can see that i havbe 5/8M Exp had a lot 2-3% wiped on the 2 Bosses. Just was not able to kill them because of my Work !@#$ and the Guild raiding Time.
I played Priest Heal since BC and sticked to it mainly but i also played all other healers in this Expansion especially Shaman and Pala as Twinks.
If u are interessted in the other 2 Classes just write it i can play all 3 of them decently. My Shaman and Paladin would need a bit polishing but they are around 370+gs.

Add me if u are interested


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