Eternal Chaos 8/8HC 2/8M recruiting

Twisting Nether
Hi, we are Eternal Chaos.

A brief of who we are-We are friendly bunch of focused, good players who have a passion for raiding however limited time due to real life. We're easy to get on with and made up of a mix of real-life friends, couples and groups of friends that have come together over time. Age range early twenties to later forties. Due to limited time we do knuckle down and focus on raid nights and get the job done. We offer flasks and food to raiders as long as they donate to GB

We raid two nights MON/WED 8pm Realm time to 11pm

Our Progress is 8/8 HC and 2/8mythic.

Our current trend is- Wed Mythic progress then we zerg HC on Mon. (however we ask people to be adaptable to change)

We are looking for a Priest Healer- Disc or Holy
Range dps Hunter preferably and Off spec tanking dps.

We are open to motivated dps players that want to strengthen our roster.

If your interested please feel free to contact-
Cowanbob#2522 Bobcat#2345.
Officers in game names -Fryertuck, Gyloo, Patatafrita, Kipstor
Arms warrior place is taken now, thank-you for in game response's. Looking to add 2 range. (Hunter spots available)
Hunter spot open and Priest healer either spec.

Still recruiting motivated dps players that want to strengthen our roster.
A dps with an tanking off-spec would be a great addition.

Socials are always welcome ofcourse!
edit! 2/8M now. Enjoy casual focused progression? Then please feel free to get in touch about joining the roster.
Looking for warrior and range spots open atm.

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