Headless Horseman mechanics/scaling

Just died again with this char on HH healing.
Done over 100 runs with all chars/roles last 3 days and 3 of those went bad; either with some others dying, me dying, or a wipe even.

Some ppl do not seem to know tacts. Now you may think it is very easy and you are right, if you do it right. If not, its not so easy at all.

The HH has 3 phases, starting at 100% hp. At each phase he becomes immune close to 0, his head spawns, which has to be downed asap.
In the last phase he spawns adds every so many seconds, which need to be tanked, bc they do a lot of damage. They can, at this time, also be ccd in several ways (not all cc works).

1) Ppl not knowing tacts and not downing head, specially in last phase.
2) Very low dps. Ive had a number of these (incl the 1 just now, where i died keeping a lvl41 warrior tank up). I already knew and said so in group in phase 1 this was going to be a problem in phase 3. And it was. I dont know why that dps was so low. Dont have recount at this time. All seemed active.
3) Scaling: A number of times i got a message "target too low" while healing a low lvl tank. Since i do this with close to 30 (legion) top lvls, of which a number of healers (4 different healing classes), i cannot keep track of when which ability on which low lvl works or doesnt work. In this case it was a shield i wanted to put on that tank. Since i use those on tank, when he is bleeding hp, it doesnt help the situation. I lose seconds at least b4 i figure out why it doesnt work, while the tank gets closer and closer to 0 hp. It just doesnt work! Also, it seems the low dps is usually with low lvl chars. So the scaling on dps output on those might be way off.
4) Too many ppl starting event with healer/tank, or 2 dps missing. Ive seen all roles do it. Great if a tank does it and can solo it. Not so great if ppl die because of it. Also not so great if i am tanking it and some dps starts it wo healer and a dps missing, bc i will have to do 3 times the work.

Obviously there will be a lot of ppl doing it that are not familiar with dgs, the mechanics, or even the class/spec they come with. Thats ok, if its just one. Not very nice if 4 ppl dont know...

But heck, ive had no one stand idle yet! So everything is hunkydory!
huh. I didn't even think you can die in there. I have had no trouble yet on all my chars ( even though I also got people who didn't know you have to hit the head ).
The only problems I had in there was the fake healers (looking at you, boomkins and ele shamms que-ing resto) or the afkers. Both are easily dealth with with a kick.
I queue tank as frost to kill him faster~
Hmmm never had the "target too low" message you are talking about... I've been "farming" this event daily, on all my alts :

- 120 war (tank)
- 120 war (tank)(ally x)
- 120 DH (tank)
- 106 rogue
- 100 pally (tank)
- 97 DK (tank)
- 70 Shaman (heal)
- 56 Drood (tank)

So that's quite a few runs since the start of the event x) and I only had a problem like twice when someone has left in the middle of the fight, but we managed to finish it. Never had a wipe on it. I was even impressed at the scaling system both as a max level with lowbies in the group, and as a lowbie with lvl 120s in there.

But I agree that most of the time, the dps is bad. Out of all these runs, I think I only had like 5 where I was really like whoa, the DDs are doing great, what a wonderful feeling ♥
Wait. You can die to the Horseman?
If I'm honest I have not had any of the issues you have listed in any of my runs.
24/10/2018 12:45Posted by Valtier
Wait. You can die to the Horseman?


I've even had the pumpkins on me and still didn't die as a squishy mage.
24/10/2018 12:56Posted by Cerberrus
24/10/2018 12:45Posted by Valtier
Wait. You can die to the Horseman?


I've even had the pumpkins on me and still didn't die as a squishy mage.

I know right. I cannot fathom how someone can actually die to HH
Been in there with 1 tank & 4 dps (dps queued as healer) many times, no one died.

I've used Lay on Hands & Flash of light on many low levels & never had the "Target to low" message.
Only problems I've dealt with is when both Tank and Healer have gone DPS, and do BARELY anything (4th and 5th in DPS all the time). Every run I've done on my now 112 rogue (Was 111), I've had to tank the boss, and either nearly died, or have died, because the "tank" couldn't pull any damage so never got aggro, and "healer" didn't use a single healing spell.
How bad do you have to be to die during the HH fight? Im trash and even I have never even been close to dying.
lol, you can die on horseman? I've been tanking it as havoc dh and he can't kill me through my leech healing. All I needed to do was get meta from eyebeam into metamorphosis and then another eyebeam when the adds spawn to cheese the dps meters some more, another blade dance on the head plus adds and its finished.
Huh? Can't sat I've had a problem either. Done HH everyday since Hallow's End started this year and killed him easily each time with no deaths or wipes.

Maybe you have just been unlucky with groups.
For most of you:

I said 3 out of 100. You can not deduct from that i am the bad player.

It doesnt help in any way to say you never died in there and cannot imagine it happening. Maybe you should try to (re)create the conditions.

Saying you never experienced any trouble, doesnt mean anything and doesnt contribute anything. What would is if you would (re)create this situation.

It also doesnt help if you say you never got the "target too low level" message, implying that i somehow lie. What would is if you would actually (re)create the same situation.

but thx for playing.
I am pretty sure you are trolling. That encounter is even easier than doing WoD Mythic raids solo.
I never died in this encounter and I'm a really mediocre player.
You crowd control the little adds in the last phase? get out of here there is usually so much aoe around they die upon spawning.

Even his whirlwind when he moves toward his head seems to do minimal damage now.
I had a few wipes as well on my alts in HH. But most of these are because some people "idiots" queue up as healer/tank while being dps spec. Especially tanks seem to do this a lot, which can lead to problems on phase 3 because they can't handle the pumpkins which then run wild and kills the healer.

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