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Argent Dawn
Screams In Swedish (Argent Dawn - EU - Alliance) are currently recruiting!
We’re a small guild on Argent Dawn EU focusing on progress raiding. We formed back in April this year and managed to get down normal and heroic Antorus towards the end of the expansion. So far within Uldir, we cleared normal after 2 weeks (everything up to Zul was cleared within the first day) and currently are 8 / 8 heroic with hopes move to mythic as soon as possible.

Comprising of both old school players and those new to the game from everywhere across Europe, we offer a friendly (though, pretty weird) environment both in game and discord. We are currently open to both progression raider applications & casual raiders as well as social players. We are also currently looking for backup progress raiders to fill in when needed. As we are very close on being a 20 man group now, we are looking for very specific things to fill those last spots but are open for all applications regardless of the class.

Our progression raid times are 19:00 - 23:00 Wednesday & Friday, and Sunday EU server time. Casual raids take place on Sunday’s between 16:00 and 18:00, again EU server time. These are open to people wanting to come try out, as well as our progress team, alts and will also be comprising of pugged players to fill any spots out.

As a guild, we have meetings where members can pass on any feedback, complaints or suggestions once a week, we always like to keep open every line of communication possible to make sure when problems arise, they can be dealt with as soon as possible. We’re also trying to implement non-wow days so that can continue to build upon relationships outside of the game. We are LGBT+ friendly, and try to be completely welcoming to everyone that joins and offer a completely non-judgemental environment, no-matter the background, sexuality, gender or anything in between of the person joining.

If you’d like to know more, please check out our website :, or feel free to send a message to our guild master.
Our information is below:

Guild Master
In-game : Nídhí / Kawaiilycan : cbear214#2357
Discord : bear#0421

In-game: Hexiboi Kaii#21729
Discord:Hex (Kai)#0996
Do you roleplay?
Is it the PvEr flood season again?
but do you have swedish girls

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