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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!
Think you mean Heroic King Rastakhan
secret testing woi
Phase 3 sends down 2 tanks sometimes, when we have 4 healers it sent down 3 healers, we switched to 5 healers and it sent down 4 and left 1 up. Needs to be a better split please.

EDIT: Nevermind just a better journal thanks.

Boss seemed pretty good. Although never got the voodoo totem that shares damages witha aplyer
Shouldn't be able to immune the leap from P1 imo, makes a big difference especially on the overlap with tank mechanic, could see guilds running prot pally spellbop for that if its scaled to be deadly.

P2 seems a little boring compared to P1, we just offtanked Bwonsamdi on the other side of the room so everyone outranged his debuff and everyone else just spreads, thats literally the entire phase.

P3 only saw the Death-realm but didn't really like it too much. Didn't help we had to figure out what resetting stacks does as the journal was incomplete on that. Also seemed like Living realm was having a much harder time initially.
Leap was negatable using Ring of Peace, probably not intended.
Sunfire can't be applied to either the Greater Serpent Totem or the Zombie Dust Totem, which is consistent with many other totems in the game such as the ones in King's Rest, but still pretty much bull!@#$.

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