[A] Cortex (8/8HC) Thurs/Sun 20:30> raids & M+

Cortex is an English-speaking Alliance guild based on Silvermoon.

Why Cortex?
Honestly, we are just decent players that still want to raid and progress at a steady rate, despite having a little less time to play than we once did. Our main goal will always be to clear heroic and do M+ when people are available as this provides the most flexibility for our members.

Our raid days are Thursday and Sunday 20:30 - 23:30 server time.
Current progress: 8/8N and 8/8HC

Now that we have cleared heroic we are in a good spot to allow people to bring in alts to try different classes out, if you are interested in playing multiple classes we may be able to accommodate this.

⬛ Tank - Closed
⬛ Healer - Monk
⬛ Melee - Rogue, Warrior or Paladin
⬛ Ranged - Open to all

How do I join?
Being realistic, a trial over a set number of days doesn't make much sense for us, so we prefer to see if you are a good fit and vice versa without any added pressure. We may bring you along to a raid, run some M+ or even play another game while chatting on Discord.

Contact Info
If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, please add us for a chat:
B.net - sohrae#2820 (Sohrae/Evael) or xbrmat#2496 (Grishps)
Discord - Sohrae#4028 or Dyson#7613

Thank you for taking a look at Cortex!
Still looking! Healer prio and where are all of my fellow priests?
Ah well, unfortunate that I have to write this (I thought we were all too old for this nonsense) but for context, reference in any post here to 'Avelil' was an ex-member trying to hide behind a low level toon to start trouble. All of his posts have since been removed after being caught out. This only really resulted in our members showing support and voicing their own experiences here. I hope this shows us in a better light rather than one person simply trying to cause trouble.

Onward and upwards - we are still looking for people to join us now and going in to the next raid :)
Joined the Guild since a couple of weeks ago and the members have all been very welcoming. It is true that all the nights arent active like stated above but it is enough. We got 2 nights that we raid and 2-3 others that people usually want to push some m+ keys. It rewards the nights when are active with good company and friendly enviroment.
After the downing of g'huun people have been more motivated to push forward with raiding and am really looking forward to the 8.1 raid with these guys.

Hope that more people want to be a part of that!
I have only been with the guild a few weeks, but as an honest impartial observer, let me say this. It has been may years since I have been able to find such a warm welcoming group of mature folks, who make me enjoy the game and progressing through the content in a way I didn't think I could enjoy it since the days of TBC and WOTLK, as someone who is older and just wants to enjoy the general "lit fam woke " whats your .IO individuals that seem to dominate wow these days Cortex has been the oasis that makes me enjoy wow again, just my thoughts, an opinion and am welcome to chat to anyone wanting to inquire, I have no role or rank and spend most of my time on wee legs running back and forward on Mythrax :D
It is true what the main post states and what other here tells, the activity outside raid evenings and the occasionally mythic + pushing might be a bit low from time to time. But this is not due to unwillingness toward the guild or the game, it simply is a matter of finding the time for it. The guild consists of different individuals that just got a too hectic time schedule to be online as much as we want, and in this regard it is nice knowing that the rest of the guild feels the same and are in the same situation.
We are not going to say who's right and who's wrong, as I believe people will believe they are right, not because they want to be bad people but because they honestly believe it.
Therefore, as people point out, we are a bunch of different people with busy days, but we try to do our best to include people as best as we can. We probably do good most of the time, while other times we might stumble and do questions judgements, but then again, who doesn't?

My suggestion; Try us out, discuss with us and make up your own opinion. You have been presented with two different experiences, but ultimately it is up to you to make up your mind. We'll do our best to give you the time and possibility to find out if this guild is a place you could enjoy - which is the most important thing here.

Edit: I am no officer or anything, just a ordinary member.
Me and my spouse been in this guild a little over a month. Can only recommend it. Its a good place to call home. We do raids/keystones/chat on Discord.
With both of us working fulltime jobs we dont hang around all day but it certainly feels like a tightly knit community. I dont recognize what this person: Avelil says in his/her previous post.
I've been a member of this guild since the start of September roughly and I've enjoyed raiding with them due to their personalities and the atmosphere in the raids to make it enjoyable whilst still making good progress.

The guild also offers guild runs for keystones and in general is populated with good people. There's not been a night that I've not enjoyed as the people alone are entertaining in their own right and I definitely plan on sticking with them through Battle for Azeroth and I look forward to 8.1 and onwards with them.
Then again, people experiences different things and intrepid things differently; thus I am not saying you are lying, just that I / we disagree and try to present out point of view from the situation.
We were not payed for this, but we of course have an interest of informing people who and what we are, to strengthen the guild towards new raids and challenges. I am sorry you feel the way you do, I truly am, but I don't think most people have the same point of view as you.

So again, speak with us and give us a go, and make up your own opinion about us. We gladly will give you the time and means for this.
Id rather see the sudden swell of reviews as an reaction to the post of Avelil. The guildmembers of Cortex reacted because they didnt agree.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. That includes Avelil aswell as me. So I would highly appreciate not having my opinion belittled by stating that I was paid to put up a review. My review of this guild is also a genuine feedback.

This will be the last time though I adress this as to not turn this recruitment post into a discussion thread.

As others have said. Try us out yourself :) For my part its been a long time since I had such a stressfree raiding environment while still achieving "ahead of curve"
If anything all this is proving is that people that cause this sort of drama don't stay here for very long so we keep a good guild environment, which is why our other members are posting their positive opinions.

Also, this isn't anonymous, we know who you are because we don't have a large turnover of members. Just as a heads up, your post count is exactly the same as on your main, your alt and on this hunter.
Still looking for more!
I've added you on BNet. I have a Havok Demon hunter, and Ret Paladin, can swap between tank and DPS as needed.

Just a bit about me:

I'm 34 from the UK.
Ive been playing wow since Vanilla. Haven't really been in any guilds since the end of Legion since coming back to alliance.
Looking to join a friendly guild with a friendly bunch of people.
Happy to play different chars and roles as needed.
We are now in a good spot for people to bring in alts to try different classes/roles so we have reopened recruitment for various dps.
We can still fit in a couple of melee and certainly have room for more ranged (who doesn't?!).
Melee spots filled quickly so we are going to close it for the time being. Still on the lookout for ranged and a healer with usable dps OS!
Healer spot now filled, mainly looking for ranged dps :)
LF ranged

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