Feedback - Warlock Wheelchair PvP

Dear PvP Warlock Devs. - End of joke.

Can we nerf ID trait for Affliction, so they will have zero conditions to win, so someone at Blizzard will notice the 0.3% of warlocks class representation dropping to 0.01%.

Or maybe even 0% as opposed to 13%-15% other classes/specs have? Will that raise a question mark for them?

As for the PTR "buffs" - I thank you for letting warlocks live for 3 more seconds thru' the use of Demon Armor, against warriors and BM/Outlaw/MM because guess what: if you check your game, you will see most of the melees are having bleeds, magic and poisons attacks.

Now this may come as a shock to you or as a revelation: but in your game, armor doesn't protect you from suck attacks.

Now, as a dare challenge to any Blizzard employee: please enter 3s arena as a warlock (even with the broken traits) and play some games. Come back and tell me how much fun you've got.

Now, take those broken traits, nerf them - join the arena again. Tell me again, did you enjoy it? Did you feel like your skill played a decisive factor with regards to arena results outcome?

End of rant.

P.S. As you seem unresponsive to all the other types of constructive feedback you have been receiving since Alpha, maybe this kind of feedback would appeal to you.

P.S.S. You don't need feedback, because you use your "internal data". But I kindly suggest that at some point, if this so called "internal data" leaves you with no ideas to how to make warlock class as a whole playable, have a look at what warlocks used to have a couple of expansions ago, before the "Let's make WoW playable on a tablet" trend started.
Ye pretty much agree, I honestly don't understand why they promote feedback in almost every interview but never respond to it. I gave tons of constructive feedback for some classes during beta, especially on warlock defensive issues.
As we now know, it was probably just us wasting hours for nothing because if they would have looked at any warlock feedback, we wouldn't be where we are - a complete joke of a class gameplay wise and absolutely irrelevant in PvP.

I feel like they don't give a f*ck about feedback they just promote it to make us think they listen but obviously they are not.

Whats the point of answering so many uselees threads or making jokes but never responding to construcive feedback or tell us what things you are working on? I like jokes and I like blizzard employees being humans but the communication about feedback and issues is just a huge desaster... or more like non-existent.

Life as a Warlock is a pure depression and the only thing you said since beta was "[...]Warlock and DK changes will come soon[...]". That was like 1 month ago.
I'm pretty sure the devs all gather around 1 computer and laugh when a warlocks puts in feedback in their title
I've said it multiple times, but I never expected it to be this bad (beta still going on for us). Wish at least 1 out of 3 specs we have was playable without specific azerite stacking... Darkglare in pvp is pretty bad as a 3 min cd.
We actually dont want bursty stuff like darkglare. What we want is high, consistent AoE damage on multiple targets.
idk i kinda liked that they removed dks and locks, only dh left :]

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