380-382 hunter LF mythic raiding parsing 99% on bosses


I'm a 380-382 8/8HC BM hunter looking for a mythic raid group on silvermoon. I am availible on every day of the week.

I have a few logs her to show you what i can deliver:

1) Zul 99%-99% (while also cc-ing bloodhexers): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FMYg9d1Xtan3xZQq#fight=10&type=damage-done

2) Ghuun 97%-96%(while also doing an orb in phase 2): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/13HNc2w4xDfmjCbF#fight=last&type=damage-done

3) Ghuun 99%-99% (no kill but you can see the effort):

i have a 99% parse on Fetid as well doing over 20k dps. Unfortunately i dont have logs from this, but i do have screenshots, so message me if you want to look into that.

THOUGH! As i've said i am looking for a raid group and NOT a raid guild, so that means i'am not looking to switch guilds.

So if you are interested in me having into your raid nights, then please leave a message here or send me a whisper if availible.


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