5 man M+ team looking for raiding guild


We are looking to move to Silvermoon to find a dedicated guild.

We're a group of 5 with curve, currently looking to progress further into mythic. We're not comfortable where we are right now due to the lack of activity and self progression people are putting in.

We are:

Blood DK: 372 (Currently leveling a Boomie as backup)
Veng/Havoc DH: 373
Assass Rogue / Ret Pala: 365 (Rogue) / 374 (Pala)
WW/MW Monk: 375/378
Destro/Afflic Warlock: 372

We're primarily looking for a team who raids on:

Mon, Tues, Fri - between 20 - 23 ST (8-11ST)

If you think that our M+ team would fit into your raid, don't be afraid to contact me here on the forum or B-tag

The DH here! We got Mother down to 9% on Friday, we would've gotten her down if now for some member issues.

The search continues for a guild though
Perfect match of people for what I'm searching for just the days (we raid Sundays & Wednesdays 20:20 server->22:30) , alas but wishing you every success with your hunt!
HI mate were two mythic progressing on 3 (downed mother 3 times now i think), sounds an interesting grp and were currently have a regular grp of non guildies which we fill our mythic raid with but want to go purely guildies to allow quicker progression. If your interested give me a shout Archgordie or any officer in unfortunate chaos
As above shout if interested mate spots still open
hi guys we are a progression mythic raid team and would be intrested in talking to you guys if possible

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