M+ team LF healer - 950+ R.io

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Raids

We are 4 friends (Bdk, Rogue, Warr and Mage) who enjoy pushing keys.
At the moment we are doing +11 weekly but we did like to push even higher...

What we expect

  • that you know your class/role 100%
  • that you know when/where/what to CC
  • that you can pull a decent moment of dps - to help us push faster!
  • that you can have a laugh while pushing keys with us
  • that you are able to join discord - Mic is not a must, but you must be able to understand English
  • AND last of all - Don't be salty af - Will result in a kick!
    What are we looking for?

    Resto druid
    Disc priest
    MW Monk
    If you think you could be THE one we need, then add me for a chat / trial run
    Btag: SzYkO#21437

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