Winter's Veil Wishlist: Year 6?

Argent Dawn
Recent traditions have found it's way to celebrate these holiday's a month sometimes more than they normally are meant to be celebrated. So here is me following that tradition blindly with an early Winter's Veil Wishlist.

Jokes aside, I figured putting this out a month earlier than December might help us better prepare those gifts we want to share with another for the coming month be in the shape of pets, mounts, gold, boosts, art, roleplay and so on. I believe this was originally started by Shiverton (correct me if I'm wrong!), here's quote by him surrounding the idea behind the wish list:


06/12/2014 16:22Posted by Shiverton
So, for the uninitiated, the general idea is this:

Make a list of anything you might like to receive from the other kind people on Argent Dawn (it turns out those exist!). Naturally, this works best if anyone asking for something is also willing to send gifts of their own.

To avoid any confusion or people receiving the same gift twice (an extra one could always go to someone else!), a small message would also be nice to include, both to prevent this and to thank whoever sent the gift. Of course, if you'd like to remain anonymous, it's probably best to let the gift recipient know beforehand!

I've no list personally but surprises are always welcome, I'll be keeping an eye out for what others want and if I'm capable to contribute towards it I will do so. Furthermore much like last year, I may just well be handing out random wrapped gifts on both Ercia (A) and Fuse (H).
Raki art :> maybe stylish snek emojis for the Sisterhood's discord.
I would like to have some memes please and thank you
I would like a kiss on the cheek from each member of The Myrmidon.
I would like to get through the upcoming rp-pvp campaign without involving myself in any drama.
Eurojackpot 80 million euros would be pretty swell
Someone to kick me back into (at least semi) regular RP and overcome my shyness.

OC art is always wonderful as well <3

BTW Thank you Fuse for this initiative once again!
AD being a Rp'ers only server!

GTFO my server you filthy non-Rp Scrubs!

Joking aside I would honestly love one of them inflatable T Rex costumes IRL.
I want some comfy art. Plox.

Friendly edit: I don't mind gold donations either. Heh.
I'd like some guild art made of our guildies!
I’d like a cookie and a high five.
I'd like some art made for this strapping proletarian tinker. Some gnomish friends to celebrate the holidays with and exchange gifts with would be nice as well.
I'd love the community to stop being rude to each other and relax a little and be a little kinder - positivity ahoy!
08/11/2018 14:41Posted by Eagleroar
I'd love the community to stop being rude to each other and relax a little and be a little kinder - positivity ahoy!

A cure for void infusions.

Light, Fire or other manners of "purification" that more zealous individuals would offer not applying.
A second dance with Styrros.
Blizzcon has already given me everything I've ever wanted in the promise of a large quantity of upcoming gnomish content

But some gingerbread would be nice
I'd kill for a bad festive joke.
Great father winter, this year I wish you allow the use of greater pyroblast in RP-PvP campaigns.
Enough gold to buy all my characters flying in every zone that allows it.

That would be awesome.

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