Winter's Veil Wishlist: Year 6?

Argent Dawn
09/11/2018 19:50Posted by Fizzlerockét
And would be pretty sweet.

Where would this donation go towards?

Yes, instead of constantly editing my post, I would love some nice fellow give me money for Race change. That would 2 tokens worth of money. Heh.
I would love a pretty drawing of my char, or maybe Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword (lvl 120 version) or the Terrified Pack Mule. \o/
Got a cool surprise in the mail yesterday, many thanks to my Winter Veil benefactor!
Wish I could clear Mythic Uldir at least up to Fetid/Zul. Hardly puggable, though. :<
08/11/2018 10:35Posted by Rakihu
Raki art :> maybe stylish snek emojis for the Sisterhood's discord.

Normally I charge 100k per commission but here's one on the house, a high end artistic piece (a few more to come down the line maybe).
to find a guild/community that isn't close minded as all heck on alliance.

doubt that'll happen tho.
I wish for stacks of food, to just appear... And also Zandalari to come right now as a playable race D:
So close to getting that mount, Yet so far away. i will keep wearing this lucky Dress until the Dune Scavenger is mine.

[update]: its done, I have finally got the Dune scavenger. I can now take off the lucky dress and return to green thunder.
Character art! Alunsia doesn’t have any. Well, she doesn’t have her desired mogs yet either.

And IC friends :’)
12/11/2018 06:11Posted by Alunsia
Character art! Alunsia doesn’t have any. Well, she doesn’t have her desired mogs yet either.

And IC friends :’)

We can be friends. How do feel about eating Gnomes? You like it, I'm sure you do!

See, we're getting on already!

Probably the same, an art piece of Mith'cha. Keep meaning to get one but I refuse to use online currencies like paypal or bitcoin as I have severe concerns about their security. That and I'm an old git that doesn't like new things

*shakes fist at the combustion engine* HORSES WERE JUST FINE DAMN IT!
Id love to have a good guild again for once.

Where people are social and come for guild events and such and not leaving without word.

And that Helps others in guild not same 5people and no one else.

But Sadly such guilds are Hard to find.
To feel like an accepted part of the Rp Community.

Have Blizzard done a Guinea Pig Battle Pet yet? If they ever do I will want an army of them!

I don't really need anything in game, but I will keep an eye on the thread to see if I can donate a few gifts to other people.
08/11/2018 13:09Posted by Avianar
Someone to kick me back into (at least semi) regular RP and overcome my shyness.

OC art is always wonderful as well <3

BTW Thank you Fuse for this initiative once again!
i want the default dance in wow
Some more IC rivalry and enemies!

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