Tell me why I should roll a Warrior

Im gonna level a melee alt and I can't really decide if I should go with Warrior or Rogue as they both appeal to me. Please let me know why I should level a Warrior over a Rogue. What about Warrior make you love playing it?

Thanks :)
Tell me why I should roll a Warrior (over a Rogue)

You shouldn't.
Roll a Rogue
08/11/2018 16:56Posted by Ishanku
You shouldn't.
Warriors got some nice plate transmogs if you are into that, but if you want to be usefull, go rogue.
If you don't care about numbers, you should level a Warrior because (in my opinion) Fury is one of, if not the best designed spec in the game.

It's incredibly fast paced with lots of mobility and self healing. The whole concept of the spec being built around Rampage and being enraged is very addictive and thematically appropriate.

Being able to heroic leap and charge around with no downtime is certainly a lot of fun for me personally and it's something I would definitely recommend if you haven't tried it before.
Like the others said.

If you want to be usefull, both pvp and pve go rogue.

If you don't care and just wanna have fun with what your fantasy allows. Play whatever appeals most to you
Fury is the only spec which improved from Legion in playstyle. GCD changes do not concern us. If you looking for easy, fotm experience - go rogue
It's an iconic Class in the Warcraft history.

Well buddy, first of all, you should play what do YOU like... Not what others tell you...
Warriors straight in dmg, no beating around the bush, really puts on pressure against anyone, minimal set up to do good dmg.
Rogue is very opportunistic, can get boring at times waiting in stealth to strike. Also, you will have it planned out on rogue how you will open on someone, if it don't go to plan get ready to rage and become a warrior.

Rogue is just as good solo or with a group, warrior you stay with your group.
Go DH.
Take inscription.
Get Shout Scrolls.

You are now a better warrior.
12/11/2018 10:15Posted by Bigshlongs
Go DH.
Take inscription.
Get Shout Scrolls.

You are now a better warrior.
But they haven't such great transmog like the warrior :(




they're fun to play, at low levels of gameplay at any rate
I rerolled to warrior from my dk and I can tell you I just stepped in an even bigger gutter.
You can get Double Time talent, and pretend you're the ball in pinball machine.
Well. I was planning on lvling my rogue with some friends. But i stopped mid way. Now however, i'm fully dedicated on lvling my warrior to 120. Just depends on what you find more fun. Don't care about roles being good or bad right now. Things change. Warrior might end up becoming dps 1 in the patch after 8.1 . or rogue might become rank 1. Things change. So just play what you want to play most.

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